Sexual Abuse

Any action, either physical or verbal, that places a child's well-being or mental development in danger can be considered child abuse. The victim, as well as their family, often suffers harm which requires ongoing medical and mental health care.

Young Conaway's Personal Injury attorneys have represented a number of child victims against their abusers. Many of these abusers have been in a position of authority over, or a trusted advisor to, the victim. Recently, several of our attorneys along with other counsel, helped to negotiate a settlement for the victims and families of child abuse by a Delaware pediatrician.

On November 19, 2012, Delaware Superior Court Judge Joseph Slights III approved a $123 million settlement for the victims and their families. The case, C.A. Nos. N10C-05-023 (JRS) & N10C-10-317 (JRS), was a civil class action lawsuit filed against Beebe Medical Center, the Medical Society of Delaware and independent physicians.

Some common signs that a child may be suffering either physical or verbal abuse include:

• Sudden changes in behavior or school performance
• Difficulty concentrating that can't be explained by
physical or psychological causes
• Unexplained bruises or marks after absence from school
• Shrinks at the approach of adults

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