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Wrong Site Surgery Errors

There are many things that can go wrong in an operating room even with the most highly trained/highly skilled surgeons. When wrong site surgery occurs, it can be traumatic, leaving patients seriously injured and often missing an essential part of his or her body that was perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, these situations can occur. Many of these surgical mistakes may have been avoided by eliminating the shortcuts doctors sometimes feel pressure to take due to hospital costs and rules. Some healthcare facilities still fail to properly educate the doctors and nurses for the safety procedures and steps required and sometimes, due to time restraints, surgeons resist the surgical site protocol.

Some of the risk factors that have been identified as leading to an increased chance of wrong site surgery, include:

  • More than one surgeon being involved.
  • Failure by surgeon to properly mark the site of the procedure
  • Multiple procedures being performed in one trip to the operating room on different sides/regions of the body.
  • Unusual patient positioning in order to deal with patient characteristics, such as a deformity or obesity.

If you or a loved one have suffered or are suffering with a life-altering injury and/or disability as a result of wrong site surgery, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact our office at 888-395-7576 for a FREE consultation.