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Birth injuries resulting in permanent injury in Delaware

The time from pregnancy to birth often contains joy and excitement. However, when something goes wrong during pregnancy or delivery, a dream can easily become a nightmare. With many hospital professionals involved in a delivery, from nurses to OB/GYNs and other hospital staff, a mistake on anyone's part can result in permanent injury or damage to the mother or newborn.

If you have experienced something during your baby's birth that resulted in permanent damage or an injury to your newborn, you should inform yourself about your legal rights and options under the law. Whether your baby had a fatal injury or now suffers from a permanent impairment, laws exist to protect and compensate you for your loss.

Brain Injuries: Mother explains difficult and long recovery

Injuries occur across the United States and in Delaware on a regular basis due to unfortunate accidents or poor judgment. When an accident results in traumatic brain injuries, it can completely change the way of life for the victim and his or her family. One family in another state has been helping their son work through the recovery process regarding his own injury that he suffered earlier this year.

According to the 17-year-old boy's mother, he lived a full life prior to his injury. Not only is he an uncle to a sister's new baby, but he played on both his football and basketball high school teams. Earlier this year, he was riding in the bed of a pickup truck and suffered a serious injury after falling out of it.

Car accidents: Pedestrain killed near light home light display

Many areas across the country have homeowners with large light displays around this time of year. Many flock to view the displays due to their numerous lights, themed shows, uncountable character blow-ups and activities for families to enjoy. The displays have not only become a tradition for many, but they may also become a traffic nightmare. Car accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, the crowds drawn to a popular light display in Delaware resulted in one man's death.

The man was on foot when the accident occurred, one of many people viewing the popular light display. Few details were shared regarding the accident, but it is known that the man was hit by a vehicle. Reportedly, he suffered serious injuries.

Understanding football brain injuries may help other victims

The permanent damage that players in the National Football league sometimes suffer has recently become public knowledge. Many former and current football players are suffering serious brain injuries during games and practice. While most people in Delaware will not likely suffer brain injuries from playing football, the knowledge gained from studying football players' brains will likely increase the understanding of how the brain heals following injury.

If people in Delaware have the unfortunate incidence of suffering from a brain injury, it is more likely from a car accident or blunt force trauma. NFL football players usually suffer repeated blunt force trauma during a typical game. Previously, it was believed that, if a player suffered a concussion, the brain might suffer some outer bruising and would quickly heal. Recent studies have begun to change the way medical professionals view the healing of the brain.

2 patients die from surgical errors that resulted in infection

Any Delaware patient that chooses to read a surgical consent form will likely be aware that infection is a listed possible risk of any surgery. Any time surgical errors occur, the risk of infection and other complications significantly increase. Unfortunately, any infection can be deadly if not treated appropriately. Two families in another state feel that their loved one's fatal infections were not managed well and were likely preventable. Separate lawsuits have been filed in civil court.

Although both cases of infection occurred in the same hospital less than two days apart from each other, they involved different types of surgeries performed by different doctors. A 70-year-old man had a routine laparoscopic hernia repair surgery and began to quickly exhibit symptoms that he was not recovering well. Reportedly, he had a high heart rate, temperature and elevated white blood count, which are all signs of an infection. The lawsuit, in this case, accuses medical personnel of missing multiple opportunities to catch and treat the man's infection early and adequately. Instead, the infection spread throughout his body, resulting in his death.

Some women are more at risk of death after birth injuries

The availability of excellent health care to everyone in Delaware and throughout the United States has been a continuous struggle and debate. More recent studies have indicated that the availability of health care may be one of the many factors contributing to the increased risk that black women have from dying during pregnancy or from birth injuries. One woman has recently explained her passion to minimize risk to other women.

A 39-year-old mother of two daughters recounted her personal experience following the birth of one of them. After she gave birth, her body failed to respond to its natural ability to prevent a post-birth hemorrhage. The mother lost a significant amount of blood and nearly died, but she had excellent access to health care. After a near-death experience, she realized she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and began to research what she and other women had gone through. Through her research, she realized her access to excellent health care may have assisted in saving her life.

3 risks of self-driving cars

Experts in the technology and automotive industries are deadset on the future of self-driving cars. They claim that the roads will be full of them and that it is just a matter of time until that becomes reality. However, can a fully autonomous car without any manual navigation really be safe?

Turns out they can be quite dangerous. In September of 2017, self-driving cars caused six accidents. As exciting as self-driving cars are, there are certain risks that you should be aware of. Here are three dangers that the rise of autonomous cars poses to people like you. 

Can you file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Delaware?

The term "medical malpractice" is quite broad and general. It can be difficult to know exactly when it applies. If you or a member of your family in the state of Delaware suspects that you have a case of medical malpractice on your hands, it is a good idea to inform yourself about a few of the basic premises of this type of claim.

Becoming more informed about medical malpractice in the state of Delaware can help you as you gather the facts of your case and eventually as you seek out legal advice from an attorney with experience in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Car accidents: Missed stop sign results in tragedy

Life can change in an instant. While some change is positive, unexpected change is often the result of undesired life events. Unfortunately, car accidents are unwanted life events and can result in a change in the quality of life for anyone involved. One recent tragic Delaware crash changed multiple lives in a matter of moments.

The collision occurred at a four-way intersection where traffic was controlled with stop signs and a blinking light. As a 31-year-old woman and her passenger were traveling through the intersection, she failed to stop at the stop sign. As a result of not stopping, she collided with another motor vehicle. The impact resulted in the woman's car flipping over and crashing into a light a pole. Authorities have not revealed any reason that may have prevented the woman from stopping at the intersection, but neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected to have been a factor in the collision.

Sometimes, car accident injuries have multiple causes

Motor vehicle accidents in Delaware may have a variety of causes which intersect in time and location to result in a tragic collision. A recent fatality on Interstate 95 may illustrate a trifecta of causes culminating in the accident which injured and killed.

Two car collision on Interstate 95

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