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Surgical errors: Man awarded over $12 million in lawsuit

Thousands and thousands of people undergo surgical procedures everyday in Delaware and across the United States. Although surgery is relatively safe these days, surgical errors still happen at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, patients and families have to suffer the consequences of mistakes during surgery. In a lawsuit filed in another state, a man allegedly underwent prostate cancer surgery when he didn't even need surgery in the first place.

According to the lawsuit, the man was mistakenly told that he had prostate cancer and needed surgery. On the recommendation of his medical providers, the lawsuit said the man underwent a surgical procedure to have his prostate gland removed. After his surgery, it was discovered that the man didn't have cancer at all. Allegedly, pathologists mixed the plaintiff's tissue samples with samples from another man who had prostate cancer, which led to the plaintiff being incorrectly diagnosed.

Car accidents: Woman seriously injured when van runs red light

It goes without saying that no person wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. However, as populations continue to rise in Delaware, the odds for car accidents will increase. Roadways have become very dangerous across the state. Tragically, nearly 20 people have been killed in traffic accidents so far this year in Delaware. State officials and police forces have taken measures to make roadways safer, but despite these measures, accidents will continue to happen.

A recent crash in Townsend snarled traffic and seriously injured a woman. The accident happened during the morning hours on U.S. 13 at the intersection of Blackbird Landing Road. According to reports, a van was headed north on U.S. 13, ran the red light at the intersection and violently collided with a car that was turning left onto U.S. 13.

Brain injuries: Shocking statistics and prevention tips

With warmer weather quickly approaching, Delaware citizens will be heading outdoors to enjoy activities such as biking, playing sports and even skateboarding. When participating in these activities, head protection is always recommended. The brain is one of the most important organs in the body, and it is also one of the most fragile. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, brain injuries are one of the top causes of injury and death in America these days.

Many Americans may be unaware that car accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. Recent statistics say that, in the United States, motor vehicle crashes account for about 17 percent of all traumatic brain injuries. To prevent injuries, motorists should always buckle up, wear helmets when riding scooters or motorcycles, never drive impaired and obey all traffic laws. Reportedly, around three million Americans are presently living with disabilities due to traumatic brain injuries.

A crash, a traumatic brain injury and recovery expectations

A traumatic brain injury can occur whether you are in a bicycle, motorcycle, car or truck crash. No doubt you will be thankful to survive, but what then?

You may think that such an injury leaves you with a significant impairment. However, the brain will begin to heal itself and with that, your period of recovery and rehabilitation can begin.

Family awarded nearly $5 million after alleged surgical errors

United States citizens have access to some of the best medical care in the world. Skilled physicians and surgeons in Delaware and across the country combine their knowledge and expertise with advanced technology to provide the best possible care for patients. Unfortunately, no amount of knowledge or technology can make surgeries completely risk-free. Anytime humans are involved, there will be a chance for surgical errors.

In another state, a lawsuit was filed against a surgeon after a woman passed away due to complications from alleged surgical errors. According to the lawsuit, the woman underwent a procedure to remove an abdominal cyst. Allegedly, the surgeon cut and removed a portion of the woman's right ureter by mistake.

Car accidents are becoming common on Interstate 95

For many motorists, the interstate highways that criss-cross the United States are the most convenient and efficient roadways on which to travel. Interstate 95 in particular is one of the longest interstate highways in the country, stretching almost 2,000 miles along the east coast of the United States. A portion of I-95 also crosses the northern end of Delaware. Since this section of I-95 is always busy, car accidents are very common.

A recent crash on I-95 in Newport resulted in injuries to five people. The accident happened during the morning hours near the Churchmann's Marsh exit. According to reports, a sedan crashed into a min-van that contained a man and two children.

Birth injuries: Family awarded over $23 million in lawsuit

Every year, thousands of infants and mothers in Delaware and across the United States are injured during birth. Childbirth is a very delicate procedure that must be handled with extreme care and precision. Any missed step or delay in treatment can result in permanent and debilitating injuries, turning this joyous occasion into a nightmare. Recently, a mother and daughter were awarded over $23 million in a lawsuit that was filed after birth injuries caused the girl to suffer permanent brain damage.

According to the lawsuit, the mother worked as a nursing assistant and was inadvertently kicked in the stomach while she was pregnant. After visiting the hospital to be checked, the lawsuit said a heart monitor showed some issues with the baby's heartbeat. The mother said baby was delivered via cesarean section after a delay of about three hours.

Can a car accident cause carpal tunnel?

If you find yourself in a car accident, you may not know what to do at first. Most of the steps that immediately follow a crash depend on your physical condition and the severity of the incident.

While you walked away from that crash with some bumps and bruises at first, you may start to notice an achiness settling in a few days later. It starts in your elbows and shoots down into your wrists and hands. A trip to the hospital reveals you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Is it possible the accident caused this common repetitive injury?

Car accidents: Watch out for pedestrians as temperatures rise

As warmer weather arrives in Delaware, there will be more people running and walking alongside crowded roadways. Walking is also a main source of transportation for many residents during the warmer months. Due to the increased foot traffic during spring and summer, car accidents involving pedestrians happen more often this time of year. Unfortunately, these types of accidents usually end in serious injury or death.

A recent accident near Bear claimed the life of a pedestrian. The accident happened at night on U.S. 40. According to reports, a pedestrian was walking eastbound near the Delaware 1 off-ramp when he was suddenly struck by a vehicle. Reportedly, the collision knocked the pedestrian into the right lane of the highway where he was struck again by a sedan.

Surgical errors: Man wins over $3 million in lawsuit

With all the technological advancements and stringent regulations put in place in recent years, one would think that surgical procedures are safer now than ever before. However, this is unfortunately not the case. Surgical errors cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year in Delaware and across the nation. A man who allegedly suffered complications from a procedure recently won over $3 million from a lawsuit he filed.

According to the lawsuit, the man visited the defendant for treatment with complaints of blood in his urine. To investigate further, the man underwent a procedure that involved the insertion of a tiny camera in his urethra, the lawsuit said. Allegedly, the tiny camera tore the wall in the man's urethra, causing complications.

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