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Car accidents: Collison results in serious injury, fatality

In the blink of an eye, a collision with another vehicle can change a person's life. Serious car accidents can result in permanent injury, hefty medical bills and even death. Sadly, two people were seriously injured in a recent Delaware collision; one victim did not survive.

The collision occurred between two sedans during the early morning commute. Accident investigators are still determining the events that proceeded the accident but anticipate answers once evidence is examined. Police, rescue crews and investigators closed the area of the accident to traffic for approximately three hours.

Risks for birth injuries in Delaware newborns

Giving birth in Delaware is a process that requires many important decisions. In all the choices you make leading up to your baby's birth, the one thing you likely feel confident about is that you will have a safe birth in which you and your newborn will receive excellent care.

Unfortunately, not all births have a happy ending. Some births result in permanent injury to the newborn. In these cases, the parents may file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the personnel who attended the birth or the facility where the birth took place. Here is some information to help you inform yourself about the risks and options regarding birth injuries.

Faillure to verify identity can result in surgical errors

Verifying a patient's identification is one of the first steps any hospital or medical establishment in Delaware must make prior to administering any type of treatment. When there is a failure to establish identity, medical and surgical errors can occur. Any medical error is dangerous because many cannot be undone. One hospital in another state treated the wrong patient for hours and has been accused of refusing to verify any identification or medical records.

The 63-year-old man had just completed a work shift when he was approached by some officers and crisis medical workers. He was asked his name, and he responded only to be arrested and taken to the hospital. The man states that he was informed that a man by his name had been to a doctor earlier in the morning threatening to harm himself and others. Although the man clearly knew it was a case of mistaken identity, he could not convince the officers to check his identification and call his co-workers or his family to confirm that he was not the intended patient. 

Baby shaken and now suffers serious brain injuries

There is no question that the brain is central to all of life's daily functions. Anyone in Delaware who has cared for a loved one with a brain injury can attest to the intensive medical and therapeutic care that is often needed to assist a loved one with daily activities. Unfortunately, for most families, needed care can be difficult to fund. In cases where the negligence of another may have resulted in brain injuries, families may be able to recoup some financial loss through a lawsuit in civil court. Recently, a family in another state received disturbing news that their son had been injured at the hands of a caretaker, possibly changing his life forever.

The injured 5-month-old boy was being cared for by a 23-year-old man while the parents were at work. At some point in the baby's care, the man admittedly lost his patience. As a reaction, the man shook the baby to the point that the baby began to struggle to breathe. He also reported that the baby's eyes reacted by rolling to the back of his head.

Medical malpractice: Staff takes nude pictures of sedated patient

When Delaware patients undergo surgery, they are typically nervous about the possibility of an unexpected outcome. There is a fear of surgical errors such as infection, the wrong surgery on the wrong body part or unexpected injury. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and privacy laws in the medical field provide privacy protections for patients. A recent case raises the question of whether taking a nude photo of a sedated patient during surgery constitutes medical malpractice. One woman argues that it does, and she has recently filed a medical malpractice claim in another state.

The 45-year-old woman had been employed at the hospital for 16 years prior to undergoing surgery. The woman worked as a secretary for the surgical department and knew the nurses and surgeon well. Apparently, the woman had co-workers assist her with a practical joke on her surgeon by placing fake intestines on her belly moments prior to her operation. The woman alleges that her co-workers took the joke too far and invaded her privacy.

What you should know about brain injuries after a car crash

When you hear about internal injuries, you may think primarily of organs in your chest or abdomen. However, after a car accident, an internal head injury may be more likely than a damaged kidney or punctured lung. Not only that, but you could also sustain a serious brain injury without even hitting your head if the force of the collision causes your brain to hit the inside of your skull.

WebMD provides details about what happens when you have a hemorrhage inside your skull.

Man suffers serious brain injuries after Amtrak derailment

Sometimes, there is a negative connotation surrounding personal injury lawsuits. For those in Delaware that suffer unexpected injuries due to the negligence of another, it is not always about seeking financial compensation. Some may view a lawsuit as a way to help prevent future unnecessary accidents and injuries. One family in another state is considering a lawsuit against Amtrak for similar reasons after their son suffered traumatic brain injuries following a train derailment.

The couple's 26-year-old son was on board an Amtrak train when it unexpectantly derailed. The events leading to the derailment are still under investigation. He was one of 84 on board when the train crashed, and he suffered serious injuries, including spine fractures and brain injuries. Several other passengers also suffered serious injuries. Some of the injured survivors have solicited the advice of a lawyer and already plan to file a lawsuit.

Surgical errors: Forceps left in woman during surgery

Although believed to be rare in the Delaware medical community, medical instruments can be left behind in patients following a surgery. Because foreign objects are not meant to remain in the human body, they can cause serious pain and damage to a patient. Emergency surgeries, staff changes and other factors can increase the risk of foreign objects remaining in a patient. One woman in another state had the unfortunate experience to discover the complications that can result from surgical errors.

Apparently, the 52-year-old woman had to have a tumor removed. The tumor was not cancerous, but in the process, her surgeon allegedly left forceps inside of her abdominal cavity. After her surgery, she believed she experienced more than normal surgical pain and returned to the emergency room for an evaluation.

Man may have died from undiagnosed surgical errors

Trusting a loved one to someone else's care in a Delaware medical facility can be very difficult. When a loved one's health appears to deteriorate despite medical intervention, it can make trust even more difficult. One woman in another state spent days watching her husband's condition worsen daily as he was hospitalized for abdominal pain, only to lose him to death. She has now filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, alleging that his death was the result of delayed diagnosis of surgical errors.

The woman's 53-year-old husband struggled with abdominal pain for weeks and visited an emergency room for treatment. Doctors believed his tests indicated he was suffering from diverticulitis and a pelvic abscess. Diverticulitis is a complication within the intestines and can lead to serious infection. The patient would have been transferred to another hospital the next day, but a pain increase overnight forced him to remain in the original hospital.

Birth injuries resulting in permanent injury in Delaware

The time from pregnancy to birth often contains joy and excitement. However, when something goes wrong during pregnancy or delivery, a dream can easily become a nightmare. With many hospital professionals involved in a delivery, from nurses to OB/GYNs and other hospital staff, a mistake on anyone's part can result in permanent injury or damage to the mother or newborn.

If you have experienced something during your baby's birth that resulted in permanent damage or an injury to your newborn, you should inform yourself about your legal rights and options under the law. Whether your baby had a fatal injury or now suffers from a permanent impairment, laws exist to protect and compensate you for your loss.

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