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Far too many mothers suffer birth injuries in this country

For a developed country, the United States has serious issues when it comes to protecting mothers during labor and delivery. Far too many women suffer serious injuries or even die during the birth process across the country, and some of those mothers may be right here in Delaware. In fact, a recent investigation conducted by USA Today tried to determine why so many mothers in this country suffer birth injuries.

The investigation found that around 700 women died due to childbirth and approximately 50,000 suffered serious injuries. Better care for expectant mothers could have prevented no less than half of these tragedies. The problem appears to be that medical personnel failed to take action quickly enough when mothers began experiencing problems.

Brain injuries: Family awarded $11.5 million in lawsuit

The human brain is amazing and incredibly complex. However, it is also one of the most fragile organs in the human body. There are many things that can cause injuries to the brain but, in Delaware and across the United States, a common cause for brain injuries is negligent medical care. In another state, a young girl suffered permanent brain injuries as the result of alleged negligent medical treatment and her family filed a lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the girl was taken to the hospital by her father with vomiting and dehydration. The lawsuit said a chest X-ray was performed on the girl, who was only 18 months old at the time, and her doctor allegedly diagnosed her with pneumonia. However, the girl later went into cardiac arrest, and a lack of oxygen resulted in her suffering permanent brain damage, according to claims.

Car accidents: Tragic crash claims the life of a teenager

It seems that roadways across the state of Delaware are becoming more and more dangerous every year. Unfortunately, most Delaware drivers will experience car accidents at some point in their lives. A recent crash in Smyrna claimed the life of a high school student and injured several others.

The accident happened at the intersection of Wheatley's Pond Road and Mount Friendship Road during the evening hours. According to reports, a sedan was facing westbound on Wheatley's Pond Road and was slowing to a stop in order to make a left turn on to Mount Friendship. Reports said the driver of a pickup truck traveling westbound on Wheatley's Pond failed to see the sedan and crashed into the car. Authorities said the right rear passenger in the sedan suffered very serious injuries and was rushed to a local hospital.

How much do you know about your doctor?

The default for most patients is to trust their doctors. After all, medical professionals, especially those with specialized knowledge, have gone through extensive education and hands-on training to obtain their licenses. 

A healthy sense of trust is important for an effective doctor-patient relationship. However, trust should only come after having a complete picture. A degree or certification on a wall is not proof enough that someone is practicing responsibly.

Dentists can also be held accountable for surgical errors

Oral surgery is often stereotyped as being minor and less risky than other types of surgeries. However, oral surgery can be just as complicated and intrusive as any other surgical procedure. Dentists in Delaware who perform these procedures must treat patients with an acceptable level of care or else the patient could suffer very serious complications. Dental patients who are affected by surgical errors can have their lives turned upside down.

In another state, a lawsuit was filed against a dentist after a woman allegedly suffered a fracture during oral surgery. According to the lawsuit, the woman underwent a procedure for a tooth extraction. After the procedure, the lawsuit said the woman experienced swelling and jaw pain at the extraction site.

Traumatic brain injuries have permanent ramifications

Biking is a popular form of recreation in Delaware, and riders should always wear protective headgear. While the brain is one of the most important organs in the human body, it is also one of the most fragile. The brain is so complex that scientists still don't fully understand it. One thing is for certain -- life is not possible without this vital organ. Brain injuries can significantly impede a person for the rest of his or her life.

A man in another state suffered significant brain injuries in an accident that occurred over a year ago, and he may never fully recover. The man was reportedly riding a racing dirt bike when the accident occurred. According to reports, neighbors discovered the man's bike underneath a tree and found the man laying unconscious on the side of the road with the back of his head on large rocks. Reports said the man may have lost control and was thrown from the bike, striking his head on the ground.

Woman awarded $5 million after surgical errors left her paralyzed

Although thousands of people in Delaware and across the country undergo surgical procedures every day, there is no such thing as a routine surgery. These descriptive words are used frequently, but truth be told, every surgical procedure comes with risk. One missed step, no matter how minor, can injure a patient for life. A woman in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after surgical errors left her partially paralyzed.

The woman said she sought treatment for back pain and numbness so she underwent a laminectomy, which is a procedure to decompress the spine. According to allegations, a dressing known as Gelfoam was not removed before the closing of the incisions that were made during the procedure, and no drains were installed to drain fluid and blood post-surgery. Following her procedure, the woman said she noticed she had no feeling from her abdomen to her toes.

Car accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to be fatal

Motorcycles are fun, but they can also be very dangerous. What makes motorcycles so dangerous are not the motorcycles themselves, but the other vehicles on the roadway. Roads across Delaware are constantly congested these days, increasing the odds for an accident. Motorcycles can be hard for other drivers to spot and, since motorcyclists are minimally protected, car accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to be fatal. 

A recent accident just south of New Castle claimed the life of a motorcyclist. The accident happened at night in the northbound lanes of U.S. 13. According to reports, the motorcyclist was traveling north when an SUV attempted to make U-turn and pulled into the path of the motorcyclist.

An urgent care center may not be as good as you think

Nobody enjoys feeling sick. After all, if you are under the weather, you may miss out on work, family obligations and recreational opportunities. While scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician may seem like a hassle, it may be better than stopping at an urgent care facility. 

In the middle of 2018, there were roughly 8,300 urgent care clinics in the United States. At these facilities, medical professionals conducted approximately 89 million patient visits. This number accounted for nearly 30 percent of all medical appointments that year. Even though urgent care facilities are popular, they may not always offer the best care. On the contrary, you may experience some type of medical malpractice at the facility. Here are some reasons urgent care clinics may not be as good as you think: 

Birth injuries: Negligence during delivery leads to lawsuit

For parents in Delaware, the birth of a child should be an exciting time of celebrating new life. However, birth injuries can turn this celebration into a tragedy. Birth is arguably the most vulnerable time in a person's life and, to prevent injuries, providers must give appropriate and timely care to both infants and mothers. In another state, a couple filed a lawsuit against a physician after their baby allegedly suffered permanent injuries as the result of a negligent delivery.

According to the lawsuit, the mother received prenatal care from the physician and showed risk factors for a condition called shoulder dystocia. The lawsuit said this condition meant a vaginal birth would be difficult due to the infant's shoulders. Shoulder dystocia should have led the physician to offer the mother a cesarean section birth, but the physician negligently proceeded with a vaginal birth, the lawsuit claimed. Allegedly, the doctor had to use excessive pulling on the baby's head and neck.

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