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Unfortunately, birth injuries affect thousands each year

Childbirth is a delicate process that must be handled with precision and care. Any negligence during this process can have disastrous consequences for both the mother and baby. According to statistics, an estimated 28,000 infants in Delaware and across the country suffer birth injuries every year. In the United States, about seven out of every 1,000 babies are injured at birth. These alarming statistics are a cause for concern.

A couple in another state recently filed a lawsuit after alleged negligence caused injuries to their newborn daughter. The lawsuit says the mother was under the care of the defendant and gave birth at 41 weeks gestation. Allegedly, fetal monitor strips showed signs of abnormalities before birth, but providers failed to recognize these signs.

Millions suffer brain injuries every year

One of the most important organs in the human body is the brain, and without it, life is literally impossible. Any injury to this crucial organ, no matter how minor, can potentially disable a person for the rest of his or her life. Brain injuries can cause speech problems, affect thinking abilities and impair basic motor skills. Each year, 2.5 million people in Delaware and across the United States suffer traumatic brain injuries. A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit after a surgical procedure allegedly left her with a brain injury.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was undergoing surgery on her wrist. During the procedure, the lawsuit says a nerve block made its way into the woman's bloodstream, causing complications. Allegedly, the woman stopped breathing, had several seizures and went into cardiopulmonary collapse.

Over-crowded Delaware roads are leading to more car accidents

It goes without saying that no one wants to be involved in a crash. However, statistics say that most drivers will be involved in an accident at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, car accidents are increasing every year in Delaware since roadways across the state are over-crowded and constantly congested. These days, just going for a short drive can potentially result in a serious crash.

A recent crash in New Castle County seriously injured one man and left a driver facing possible fines. The accident happened on Summit Bridge Road during the overnight hours. According to reports, the driver of a northbound GMC pickup truck lost control, traveled through the median and crossed both southbound lanes of the highway. Reportedly, the driver overcorrected and then veered back across the road.

If a medical device sales rep is present during your surgery

Surgeons understand how to perform surgeries, but your surgeon may not necessarily be an expert on the newest defibrillator or another medical device that may save your life. The people who know the most about these types of devices are usually those who work for the manufacturer that produced the device. Often, these sales representatives are now present in the operating room to provide technical support for the surgeon.

Whether that sales rep is liable if something goes wrong depends on a number of factors.

Car accidents with tractor-trailers are often fatal

As the United States economy continues to grow, there is a greater need to transport goods, materials and merchandise. The most common and efficient way to transport these things are commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers. In Delaware and across the country, smaller passenger vehicles are forced to share crowded interstates and highways with these large commercial vehicles. Tragically, car accidents with massive tractor-trailers are often fatal.

A woman was recently killed in an accident involving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 495. Reports said northbound traffic along the roadway had slowed due to a lane closure. A tractor-trailer failed to slow down in time and struck the rear of a Ford SUV, igniting a chain reaction crash, according to accident reports.

Tech in cars may not always prevent crashes

Most cars produced today include technology far superior to that of just a few short years ago. In-car navigation systems were about as high-tech as a car used to be. These days, cars not only navigate, they can also show you what is behind them, parallel park for you and stop in case your reflexes are slower. Some cars can even drive without you touching the wheel.

All this new safety technology must mean a reduction in crashes, right? A new study published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that while some technology does help avoid collisions, highway safety is still not a guarantee.

Surgical errors directly affect the lives of patients

Literally hundreds of thousands of surgical procedures are performed every day across the United States. Thanks to skilled surgeons, advanced technology and stringent regulations, the vast majority of surgeries in America are successful and allow patients to have healthier, pain-free lives. However, with any medical procedure, there is always risk involved. Surgical errors happen more than most Delaware residents realize. Mistakes made during surgeries are responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries every year.

A woman in another state claims that negligence during her eye surgery led to further complications. According to the lawsuit, the woman underwent cataract surgery on her left eye. However, the woman claims her eye remained dilated weeks after her surgery and caused her problems. 

Car accidents: Driver faces charges after crash with motorcycle

Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation in Delaware. They are smaller, take up less space and are more fuel efficient than passenger vehicles. However, due to their small size, motorcycles can be difficult for other motorists to spot, especially during low light conditions. Visibility issues are primary contributing factors in car accidents involving motorcycles. Tragically, these type of accidents often end in serious injury or death.

An accident near Dover involving a car and a motorcycle claimed the life of one man and left a driver facing serious charges. The accident occurred during the nighttime hours at the intersection of Forrest Avenue and Artis Drive. According to reports, the car pulled out from a stop sign into the path of the motorcycle.

Distracted driving causing more car accidents than ever before

Being involved in a crash is an event that no person wants to face. Unfortunately, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. In Delaware especially, roads are more crowded than ever, so drivers who navigate these crowded roads need to stay focused at all times behind the wheel. However, statistics are showing that Delaware drivers these days are paying less attention to the road and more attention to cell phones and other gadgets.

A recent two-vehicle crash in Milton claimed the life of one driver and injured another. The crash occurred at the intersection of Gravel Hill and Shingle Point roads. According to reports, the driver of a car was traveling east on Shingle Point and stopped at the intersection. Reportedly, the driver of the car pulled out in front of an SUV that was traveling south on Gravel Hill.

3 of the most common birth injuries you should know

Having a baby is one of the most common reasons women seek medical treatment. A healthy pregnancy, however, does not always equal a healthy baby. There are times when things may not go as planned during childbirth, and your baby may suffer. What are some of the most common birth injuries?

Birth injuries are physical afflictions sustained during the birthing process. Some of the causes of birth injuries include the following:

  • Long-lasting labor
  • High birth weight
  • Premature birth
  • Incorrect position
  • Pelvis shape and size

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