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Hazards drivers might face when traveling for the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Car Accidents

Many individuals may be preparing to head out on Delaware roads and travel to spend time with loved ones for the holidays. While there may be few things as stressful as being involved in a collision during your holiday journeys, studies indicate that this season can bring a variety of hazards for drivers. 

Unfortunately, the outcome of a crash could do more than simply disrupt your plans for the holidays, as any type of collision could pose a significant threat to your health and safety. Knowing what types of hazards you might encounter during the holiday could help you take steps to protect your well-being during your travels. 

Holiday travel hazards 

Whether your journey is relatively short or you are preparing for a long stint on the open road, there are numerous types of holiday driving hazards you may encounter, such as: 

  • Impaired drivers: The holiday season is a time of celebration for many. As some of these celebrations may involve alcohol consumption, there may be a greater risk of encountering impaired drivers. 
  • Traffic congestion: It is no secret that this season can also lead to significant increases in traffic congestion, which can also present various types of safety hazards for drivers. 
  • Inattentive drivers: Many drivers may have a great deal on their minds while traveling for the holidays, and anything that diverts one’s focus off the task at hand can prove hazardous. 
  • Adverse conditions: The presence of adverse weather conditions can also affect holiday travel safety, especially if other drivers do not adjust driving behaviors to match road conditions. 

As the holiday season can be a hectic time, there may be many drivers who might not get adequate rest. As such, the risks of encountering issues such as driver fatigue may also be greater during the holidays. 

When collisions occur during the holidays 

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident during the holidays can be exceedingly harrowing. While there may be some steps you can take to help keep similar issues at bay, you can only control so much of what happens on the open road.  

If you encounter a negligent driver, there might be little you can do to avoid a dangerous situation. The outcome of the ensuing crash could leave you with severe, or even permanent, injuries and in search of advice on the best course of action to take to seek the restitution you deserve.