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Delaware ranks as one of the worst states for bicyclist safety

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Every year, traffic and accident analysts publish results regarding safety in Delaware and throughout the country. If you ride a bicycle in this state, you will want to know that it ranks as one of the top five most dangerous places for bicyclists. Personal injury often occurs to riders because of motorists sideswiping them on the road.

Data from the National Highway Safety Administration over the past decade lists Delaware as having one of the highest percentages of fatal accidents involving bicycles. In fact, the percentage in this state is nearly 50% higher than the national average. Many biking advocates have implored the state’s help to improve road safety. They say numerous areas barely have enough shoulder room, and bicyclists often must use traffic lanes, which increases the risk of personal injury.

Bicyclists are safer with helmets and lights

In Delaware, those under the age of 16 must be wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. However, it is wise to wear a helmet regardless of your age. A properly-fitted helmet can prevent traumatic brain injuries if a collision occurs. Installing lights on your bike is another way to help improve safety by making you more visible on the road.

Traffic laws are designed to protect people from personal injury

Bicyclists must use proper hand signals when stopping or turning on the road. They must also ride in the same direction as traffic.

All motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians must adhere to traffic laws. If you are riding on the shoulder of the road where bicycles are permitted and a speeding car veers over the line and sideswipes you, your life could be hanging in the balance in a matter of seconds. The driver of the car could be liable for damages.

What to do if you suffer personal injury in a collision

If a vehicle hits you while you’re riding a bicycle in Delaware, the top priority is to seek medical attention. If you are unconscious, rescuers will automatically transport you to the nearest hospital or trauma center that is equipped to treat your injuries. Surviving a collision often means a long and arduous recovery.

Severe injuries, like those affecting the brain or spine, can have implications that last a lifetime. If another person’s negligence was responsible for the collision that caused your injuries, state law allows you to seek compensation for damages.