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Motorcycle riders over 50 at higher risk for collision and death

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you’ve been riding for a while, you probably have gotten to know other riders along your journeys. You may have noticed that there are bikers in various age groups, from those in their late teens and early 20s to the 30-something crowd, as well as people over 50 — some who’ve been riding for decades. If you’re in the latter group, statistically you fall under the highest-risk category for fatal injuries in a motorcycle collision. 

Statistics regarding motorcycle accidents

Data from 2019 shows that there has been a nearly 30% increase in motorcycle fatalities from previous years. Approximately 37% of those who die in collisions involving motorcycles are 50 or older. Statistics also show that, when motorcyclists survive a collision, the over-50 and beyond age group suffers more serious injuries than their younger counterparts.  

The more traffic there is on a Delaware road, the greater the chance for a collision. Since more and more people are riding motorcycles, it’s logical to assume that there will be an increased risk of accidents. It’s helpful to keep safety tips in mind if you plan on using this form of transportation for business or for pleasure.  

Adhere to Delaware helmet laws in case of collision

Delaware’s helmet laws are a bit unique. If you’re riding a motorcycle in this state, you must wear a safety helmet up to age 19. Beyond that age, you must at least carry a helmet in your possession while biking, as well as eye protection. It is always safer to ride with a helmet on your head than without.  

Make sure you retain visibility while riding a motorcycle

Not only is it important to make sure you have a clear line of vision while riding your motorcycle, but it’s also equally important for others to see you. Most vehicles, especially large trucks, have blind spots that can conceal an entire motorcycle. There are three basic lane positions for motorcyclists. Position one is to the left of center. Position two is center lane. Position three is to the right of center. To avoid getting stuck in a blind spot, it is safest to ride in positions one and three.  

If a motorcycle collision occurs that results in injury or fatality, resources are available to help Delaware victims and their families as they navigate the aftermath of an accident. It is always best to seek legal support if another person’s negligence caused a collision, in case a recovering victim or family member of a deceased victim decides to file an injury claim in civil court.