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What if I’m involved in a collision out-of-state?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you’re one of many Delaware residents who often travel out of state, you’ll want to review personal injury laws, in case you’re ever involved in a car accident. Even a minor fender-bender can have lasting implications, including injuries, car repairs or insurance issues. In a serious collision, it is critical to know where to seek support, not only in the immediate aftermath but also in the days and weeks that follow.

If you’re coherent and able to function following a collision in another state, you’ll want to contact local law enforcement from the scene. One of the benefits of having police on-site is that they can set up roadblocks or other means of cordoning off the area. This helps prevent secondary collisions and keeps everyone at the scene as safe as possible.

Local police create the initial documentation of a collision

In addition to making sure the area is safe following an out-of-state car accident, local law enforcement officers will also take notes to create an accident report, which serves as the first documentation of the incident. This may be useful to you, especially if you decide to pursue restitution for damages in court, which recovering victims may do when there is evidence to show that driver negligence was a primary cause of an accident.

Take similar action as you would if a collision occurred in your home state

In addition to contacting local law enforcement and obtaining medical attention following an out-of-state collision, it’s best to carry out the tasks included in the following list, or, if you’re unable to do so because of your injuries, to ask someone else to complete the tasks for you:

  • Photograph the accident scene, including any vehicles that were involved.
  • Exchange insurance information and contact information with the other drivers involved.
  • Contact your insurance agency.
  • Determine which driver’s insurance will cover a claim.

There are also several things you should not do if you’ve been involved in a collision outside of your home state, including speaking to the other driver’s insurance agent (at least, not before pursuing a legal consultation) and leaving the scene without permission from law enforcement, unless, of course, you receive transportation to a hospital by ambulance or air.

Navigating recovery when a collision occurs beyond Delaware boundaries

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision in Delaware can be a frightening, stressful experience. If an accident occurs while you’re traveling in another state, it can intensify your stress. It’s helpful to ask someone with personal injury litigation experience to provide support as you navigate post-accident issues, such as insurance, lost wages (from time off work during recovery), medical bills, property damage and more.