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Driver fatigue is more than being tired

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Car Accidents

While there are a variety of scenarios in which fatigue might set in while driving along Delaware roads, even a moment of drowsiness can lead to disaster. Unfortunately, getting a good night’s rest is not the only aspect needed to keep fatigue at bay.

Driver fatigue contributes to many motor vehicle accidents, with some significant ramifications. While lack of sleep is the primary factor in fatigued driving, it’s not the only one. Here are some situations that can add to your fatigue behind the wheel:

Other sources of fatigue

While lack of sleep can certainly contribute to feelings of drowsiness, this might not be the only cause of driver fatigue. Some additional factors to address regarding driver fatigue may include the following:

  • Medical conditions: Various types of health conditions may affect your ability to get meaningful sleep, and some states may even cause you to be more prone to succumbing to fatigue.
  • Prescription medications: Some medications may also have side effects that can make you drowsy. It may be advisable to avoid driving while under similar results.
  • Nighttime driving: The time of day can also play a significant role in your ability to combat fatigue. While drowsiness can occur at any time, studies indicate this issue may be far more prevalent at night.
  • Long trips: Long stints on the road can also lead to issues with drowsiness and fatigue. Whether you travel for work or vacation, frequent rest stops may be integral to mitigating safety risks.

Since impairment can also prompt feelings of fatigue, avoiding such behavior may also be essential to reducing the risk of a collision and helping you reach your destinations safely.

Fatigue-related collisions

While knowing the most common causes of driver fatigue can help you prepare to remain vigilant on the open road, what happens if others fail to take the same steps? Should you encounter a drowsy driver, you might have little to no time to respond to the situation, and the outcome of that moment could have a lingering impact on your life. Such an incident could leave you facing severe or permanent health repercussions, and the financial fallout may also significantly strain your life.