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Delaware drivers travel over 8 billion miles a year

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

Analysts study Delaware roadway data for many reasons, including traffic safety. If you live in this state, you are probably one of the drivers contributing to the more than 8 billion miles residents travel yearly. Such travel takes a toll on the condition of roads and bridges.  

Data shows that more than 30% of Delaware roads are in fair to poor condition. Many bridges throughout the state are structurally unsound. Such issues make vehicular travel less safe. Another concerning issue is frequent travel, especially in heavy traffic, increases the chance of driver error or negligence.  

Driving issues that often lead to accidents

If you share the road with a distracted or careless driver, you are at significant risk for injuries if a collision occurs. Swerving drivers, sudden braking and inconsistent speeds are all signs of a distracted driver. Road conditions also make driving difficult at times. For instance, if someone swerves to avoid a pothole in the road and loses steering control, their vehicle might veer into your lane and hit you. Drunk drivers also have difficulty navigating traffic, staying within their lane or acting predictably.

The more cars on the road, the greater the likelihood that two or more cars will collide, at some point, if a driver fails to adhere to traffic laws. One study showed that more than 600 deaths within four years in Delaware were the result of car accidents.  

Improve travel safety with caution and awareness

The more careful you are while driving, the less chance you have of getting into a car accident. If you obey road signs and speed limits, etc., it creates a safer travel environment. You can’t predict with certainty what another driver will do, however. At any given moment, the unexpected may happen, resulting in injuries.  

The impact of a car accident can cause severe or life-threatening injuries. Such incidents can also cause financial distress because of lost wages at work when a recovering victim must take time off. Suppose you want to know more about available options to help accident victims seek financial recovery for their losses. In that case, you can discuss your concerns with Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor, LLC, an experienced legal team that provides guidance and support to families whose lives have been affected by a car accident.