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How long do you have to file a medical malpractice claim?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

When you go to the doctor, you assume you will receive care that meets a certain standard. You probably trust your doctor’s advice and may follow their instructions regarding improving your health. Unfortunately, the care you receive from a medical professional does not always meet appropriate standards, and you may suffer as a result. When there is an issue with the care you are receiving, it could cause you additional pain and extend your recovery.

Medical malpractice includes any mistakes or reckless behaviors from a doctor, nurse, technician or any care provider that leads to patient harm. It can be devastating to suffer from medical malpractice, but the civil justice system allows you to seek justice and hold the responsible parties accountable. There is a limited time to file your claim, and fast action is important.

Statute of limitations in Delaware

You must file your medical malpractice claim within a certain time from when you experienced the injury. To ensure that you do not miss your chance to seek compensation and damages because of your suffering, you will benefit from learning if you have a valid claim as soon as possible. In addition to filing within the required period of time, you will also find that your quick action is important for the preservation of important evidence and the easy location of related documentation.

You have two years from the medical malpractice incident in Delaware to file your claim. It can take an extended period of time to discover the true extent of the damage caused by medical malpractice. Moving forward as soon as you know of a problem can ensure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance of a successful claim.

The recovery you deserve

If you are the victim of medical malpractice, you do not have to suffer through the aftermath alone. You will benefit from seeking professional insight regarding your potential legal options. Medical malpractice claims are time-sensitive, but this option allows you to seek the full and fair recovery you deserve. This may include compensation for your medical expenses, long-term care needs and more.