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Addressing some the most prevalent concerns in truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Car Accidents

It is no surprise that sharing Delaware roads with commercial vehicles can be scary and intimidating. After all, with the inherently large size and weight of the average tractor-trailer, your vehicle stands little chance of holding its own should the unthinkable occur.  

There are numerous scenarios in which the actions of a truck driver could place your safety at risk, and the outcome of a truck accident could have a lasting impact on your life. 

Common issues related to truck accidents

While truck accidents can occur at any moment and under a multitude of circumstances, studies indicate some safety issues that prove more prevalent than others, such as: 

  • Dangerous behaviors:  Excessive speeding and tailgating are two of the most common causes of collisions, and when truck drivers exhibit such behaviors, the results could prove catastrophic. 
  • Drowsiness and fatigue:  Issues with drowsiness and fatigue remain a concern for many truck drivers, and even a momentary bout with drowsy driving could create a dangerous situation. 
  • Improper loading:  Improper loading techniques can create an imbalance of weight in trailers, and similar issues could affect a truck’s maneuverability and make it prone to swaying or drifting. 
  • Unsecured loads:  Failure to properly secure loads on an open trailer could increase the risks that objects might fall off a truck and into the road, and those who encounter such objects may find it difficult to avoid danger. 
  • Hazardous maneuvers:  Studies indicate that truck drivers who navigate in unfamiliar areas may also be more prone to attempting dangerous maneuvers after missing turns or becoming lost. 

Commercial vehicles may also require constant maintenance to ensure all parts remain in proper working condition. Failure to do so could also lead to a greater risk of a hazardous situation. 

The outcome of a truck accident 

Regardless of how it occurs, a truck accident can be a devastating incident that leaves you facing obstacles for the rest of your life. Collisions involving commercial vehicles can leave you with severe or life-changing injuries, and financial fallout could significantly strain your monetary well-being. While there is nothing you can do to change what occurred, it can be helpful to seek advice on the available options to help protect your future interests.