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Radiology errors could lead to issues in the diagnostic process

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

When you visit a medical facility for care, it might not be uncommon for doctors to take a variety of steps when seeking to diagnose and treat your condition. In some cases, your doctor may order several tests to aid in the diagnostic process, some of which could pertain to image-related testing procedures. 

While radiology departments in Delaware may often play an integral role in the diagnostic process, there might not always be a guarantee that the results of the tests will be accurate. Studies suggest numerous scenarios in which radiology errors might skew test results, and similar issues could increase the risks of an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis. 

Types of radiology errors 

Radiology errors can come in various forms, and similar issues could affect the quality of care you receive and pose a significant threat to your well-being. Some of the most common types of errors in this department may include the following: 

  • Interpreting scans:  One of the most common radiology errors may involve failure to read and interpret scans accurately, and the inability to identify existing health concerns could prove disastrous. 
  • Overlooking medical history:  Your well-being may also be at risk if medical professionals fail to consult your medical history when reviewing scans, as the information in your history may be relevant to this process. 
  • Training and knowledge:  Lack of sufficient training and knowledge to accurately read and interpret radiology images is another issue that may also lead to a greater risk of mistakes. 
  • Testing techniques:  The results of radiology scans might prove inaccurate should radiology team members use improper techniques when performing or reviewing medical tests. 

Studies also suggest that failure to properly communicate with other departments regarding radiology test results could create various issues and increase the risks of diagnostic errors. 

The impact of errors 

Radiology errors continue to prove unfortunately common, and the outcome of such negligence could take a devastating toll on your well-being. Regardless of how it occurs, similar issues could lead to an inaccurate diagnosis and improper treatment path or even cause you to go without the necessary care altogether. Suffering serious harm under similar circumstances can be challenging to accept, and the situation’s outcome could leave you searching for advice on the following steps to safeguard your future interests.