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Factors that may only increase the risk of diagnostic errors

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

It is no secret that reaching an accurate diagnosis may prove an integral component of determining a proper path of care for any type of health condition. Even if you suffer from minor health concerns, an incorrect diagnosis may lead to improper treatment paths that could pose a significant threat to your health. 

While you might rely on medical professionals to be capable of diagnosing and treating your condition, things might not always go as intended. Diagnostic errors continue to prove unfortunately common, and studies indicate that there are various factors that may only act to increase your risks of encountering such negligence. 

Possible factors

Diagnostic errors may not only lead to unnecessary measures that may do little to treat your condition, but such negligence could also expose you to additional health concerns. Some of the most prevalent causes of diagnostic errors may include: 

  • Improper testing:  Studies indicate that ordering improper testing procedures or failure to order the necessary medical exams are two examples of issues that might lead to diagnostic errors. 
  • Medical history:  Similar issues may also be more common should medical professionals fail to review your medical history thoroughly prior to issuing a diagnosis and developing a path of care. 
  • Reading test results:  Failure to accurately interpret test results and use the information within to reach a diagnosis or order further testing also remains a prevalent factor in diagnostic errors. 
  • Follow-up care:  Studies also suggest that your health may be at risk should your doctor fail to follow up on health care visits or choose not to refer you to a specialist for additional care when necessary. 

Studies also indicate that issues such as overconfidence may cause doctors in Delaware to be less than thorough when diagnosing conditions, and such negligence could place your well-being at significant risk. 

The fallout

Regardless of how it occurs, the fallout of diagnostic errors could take a devastating toll on your health and well-being. Suffering serious or permanent harm due to the presence of such negligence can be a difficult thing to accept under any circumstance. While there might be certain steps you can take to help protect against diagnostic errors, it may also be helpful to seek insight on your options and the next steps to take should the negligent actions of a medical professional place your health at risk.