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Staying safe on Delaware roads under construction this summer

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

Being on the road in the summer can mean navigating construction zones, whether you are driving across the state on I-95 or running across town to the grocery store. Therefore, now is a good time to remind drivers what it means to drive safely in these areas so you can hopefully avoid a crash this summer.

Why are construction zones dangerous?

Accidents can happen on any road, but roads under construction involve unique elements that can make them especially dangerous. 

Confusing signage

If you are driving in a construction zone, there can be several different signs that can confuse drivers. People can be trying to read temporary speed limits, warnings and directional guidance while driving, and they may not always make sense.

This can be especially true for novice drivers and those who are unfamiliar with the area.

Construction equipment and vehicles

Construction vehicles and equipment can be massive and loud. They may be sharing the roads with other motorists or creating obstacles that require drivers to maneuver around them.

When they are in use, they can make it difficult for you to hear other sounds. Further, traffic may need to slow down or stop for these vehicles. 


Unexpected road closures or detours can rattle any driver. A person might get lost or delayed, making them angry or confused. Under these circumstances, drivers might become aggressive or make mistakes that lead to a crash.

Protecting yourself (and others) in these zones

When you are driving, you can take precautions to avoid a catastrophic accident in a construction zone. 

For instance, you can review your route before you leave to be aware of potential changes due to roads under construction. You can also leave yourself more time than usual to account for delays.

Further, staying alert and sober can be crucial in these areas to respond quickly and safely to changes and obstacles.

These precautions can help you reach your destination safely and keep other motorists, pedestrians and construction workers safe, as well.