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Driver negligence plus deer season spells disaster

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

You and your family might enjoy catching glimpses of wildlife while out on a walk, but if a deer leaps out onto the highway while you’re navigating traffic, it might not be such a pleasurable experience.  

As summer winds to a close, you might be thinking ahead toward autumn, especially if you have children preparing for a new school year. Autumn happens to be a peak deer season when they are more likely to run out onto the road while you’re driving. You may be surprised to learn that deer cause approximately one million collisions every year, resulting in more than $1 billion in property damage, as well as injuries. 

Be extra cautious at certain times of day 

While autumn is when the deer population of Delaware increases its movement, the time of day you’re traveling also increases or reduces your chances of encountering one of these animals on the road. When driving, you’ll want to be especially alert and cautious at dusk and dawn.  

These are the times of day when deer are most active. It also happens to be two times during the day when visibility while driving is poor. You’re eight times more likely to be in a vehicular collision involving a deer per hour of dusk than you might be at noon or during other daylight hours.  

Traffic flow also has an impact on your risk of deer-related collisions 

Many drivers instinctively try to swerve to avoid colliding with a deer on the road. If you’re the only car in the vicinity, this might not pose as much of a risk for collision as there would be if you’re navigating traffic. If you’re traveling in the right lane and a driver in the left lane swerves to try to avoid a deer that has jumped into their path, the swerving vehicle may cause a collision.  

Be aware during a full moon cycle 

When there’s a full moon, as well as when the moon is shining brightest at night, there are likely going to be more deer present around Delaware roadways. This is because deer travel great distances when the sky is illuminated at night.  

You have probably heard crazy stories about things that happen during a full moon cycle. It’s not a crazy story; instead, it’s a fact that roadway deer sightings increase during a full moon and when a moon is shining brightest at night.  

If you suffer injuries in a deer-related automobile accident 

If another Delaware driver panics when a deer is nearby and a collision occurs, you may need to take action. The top priority is always to seek medical attention following a car accident. You may determine that you have grounds to seek restitution for damages in court, which state law allows when another person’s negligence is responsible for your injuries. Remembering this information, particularly during the autumn months, may help you travel safely.