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Hands-free devices may still carry certain safety risks

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Car Accidents

While motor vehicle accidents can occur under a multitude of scenarios, some issues continue to play a role in far too many collisions. Distracted driving is a prime example of a type of behavior that might place your safety in jeopardy, and in a technological era, sources of distraction can take on various forms.

While it might seem like hands-free devices may be a safe alternative in helping mitigate distractions, studies indicate that this might not necessarily be the case. While such devices may reduce the risk of certain manual or visual distractions, they may do little to prevent you from experiencing cognitive effects.

The risks

While using hands-free devices might be safer than holding a phone in your hand while driving, that does not mean they are safe overall, as there may still be certain safety concerns involved, such as:

  • Cognitive effects: Even with a hands-free device, a conversation may still take a portion of your concentration off the task at hand, which could be dangerous under virtually any circumstance.
  • Multitasking: Studies indicate that the human brain is not truly capable of multitasking. While using a hands-free device, your attention may constantly bounce back and forth between the conversation and the road.
  • Lack of focus: Studies also suggest that those who carry on a conversation via a hands-free device may only be able to effectively focus on a small area around them while driving.
  • Processing information: Your mind may continue to linger on a conversation even minutes after it ends, and safely operating a vehicle could prove challenging while attempting to process the contents thereof.

Studies also suggest that, when your focus shifts between the task of driving and a conversation, you may also be less capable of reacting to situations that arise on Delaware roads.

When collisions occur

It is no secret that collisions involving distracted drivers can carry catastrophic ramifications, and even if you choose to avoid distractions while driving, others might not always do the same. Should you cross paths with a distracted driver, there may be little you can do to react quickly enough to evade danger. The fallout of an ensuing crash could affect your life in various ways, potentially leaving you with severe or life-altering injuries and facing dire financial challenges stemming from extensive medical bills and a long road to recovery.