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How summer driving can actually be more dangerous

On Behalf of | May 18, 2022 | Car Accidents

Summer is just around the corner, and the cold and snow of winter are fading from our memories. With the roads free of snow and ice, you might assume that your commute is much safer in Delaware during spring and summer compared to wintertime.

Driving in the summer carries its own dangers that you may not see in January and February. For example:

More teenagers on the road: With school out, teenage drivers are going to work, visiting friends or (sometimes) driving home drunk from a party. More inexperienced teens on the road tend to mean more car accidents.

Summer parties: Holidays tend to increase drunk driving accidents throughout the year. Summer is no exception, with Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day are associated with cookouts, parties — and alcohol.

Longer driving hours: There’s more daylight in the summer, which means fewer crashes due to dark stretches of road. But longer hours can also mean glare from the sun in the mornings and evenings that can blind drivers. A motorist losing sight of the road for a couple of seconds is all it takes to lose control. More daylight hours might also tempt tired drivers to stay out later. Fatigued driving is comparable to drunk driving as far as the risk of causing a terrible wreck.

Animals on the move: Wildlife tends to be more active in the summer, especially at night. A deer or other large animal darting into the highway can be unavoidable, especially if you are operating a large commercial truck.

Whatever time of year your car accident happens, it can leave you with painful and limiting injuries. Your quality of life, independence and ability to work can all be affected. Fortunately, you may have options for compensation, including a lawsuit against the responsible driver.