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How you can get your motorcycle ready for the road this year

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

For motorcyclists, spring is an exciting time of the year. After waiting all winter for the Delaware snow to leave, the roads are finally becoming hospitable for bikes again. Unfortunately, the increase in cyclists means more car drivers are not prepared to look out for them. There are many ways to prevent motorcycle accidents, including properly maintaining your bike. Here are a few tips you can follow to remain as safe as possible while riding this spring:

Check your brakes

Most people do not put a lot of strain on their motorcycle’s brakes, which is why they may assume that there is nothing wrong with them. This can be a dangerous assumption if you suddenly need to come to an immediate stop. Make sure your brake lines and pads are in reliable condition before getting on the road.

Inspect your lights

Your brake lights, headlights and taillights are all necessary to communicate with other drivers on the road. Whether you are using your headlights to alert others of your presence or you are trying to inform others of your intent to turn, make sure your lights are capable of meeting the task at hand.

Make sure your tires are fit

Tires without tread risk slipping on turns, failing to stop properly, and can even burst while driving. With so few safety features on a motorcycle, it is important to ensure the features you do have are meeting proper safety standards.

Update safety gear

Your biking jacket, goggles, safety leggings, or pants and helmet are often the only line of defense you have in an accident. Just because you have had your gear for years does not mean it is reliable anymore. Leather can rot or crack over time, and helmets have a specific shelf life that they are at peak effectiveness. If time has made your gear unreliable, it is time for an upgrade.

Look out for your safety this year

Cyclists are already at a disadvantage while driving because few drivers on the road are looking out for motorcycles. While you cannot change how other drivers observe their surroundings, you can change how prepared you and your bike are. Take some time to ensure your bike is ready for the road this spring so you can enjoy the road all year.