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Pedestrian accident proves fatal

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

There may be many individuals who prefer to do most of their traveling via the sidewalk, even if this means walking near lanes of traffic. While pedestrians may rely on nearby drivers to take every possible measure to promote a safe environment, should this fail to occur, the results could prove cataclysmic. A pedestrian was reportedly hit and killed during a recent car accident in Delaware that took place after a driver veered onto the shoulder of the road while trying to avoid traffic.

Fatal crash

Reports indicate that authorities received information about a pedestrian-related accident on a recent Wednesday evening. Initial investigations indicate that the incident occurred as a woman was walking on the shoulder of eastbound lanes of traffic. Authorities say that upon approaching congestion at a traffic light, the driver of a nearby vehicle suddenly shifted over onto the shoulder, subsequently hitting and killing the woman in the process.

Authorities have advised that the driver of the vehicle fled the scene, and they say that the search for this vehicle remains ongoing. They assert the driver crossed onto the shoulder while attempting to bypass traffic at the intersection. Drivers who attempt such sudden maneuvers might not always be aware of the dangers their actions might bring, and families who lose loved ones under similar scenarios may struggle to accept the outcome of the situation.

Dealing with loss

Dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one stemming from a car accident involving a reckless driver can be a stressful and daunting process. Following the crash, the surviving family members of the deceased could choose to consult with legal counsel for guidance on the next steps to take to seek accountability through the civil justice system. An attorney can evaluate the incident and assist a client in Delaware in preparing to seek the full amount of compensation deserved through a wrongful death claim.