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The relationship between burnout and medical errors

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Everyone can make mistakes at work. However, a doctor’s mistake can result in the death of a patient. Unfortunately, medical errors are not rare in the United States, and many of them are the result of excessive burnout in doctors and nurses. Healthcare workers often don’t have a say in how much they work, but this is not an excuse to avoid paying compensation if they injure a worker for being exhausted. Patients deserve compensation if they are victims of negligence.

The risk of burnout

According to a report published by the Mayo Clinic, around 50 percent of the physicians in the United States experience burnout. This is a problem because doctors who experience burnout are twice more likely to commit a medical error than well-rested physicians. Stress and a lack of sleep affect a person’s performance, decision-making and situation awareness, which are crucial capabilities when treating injured or sick patients.

An invalid reason

A study has found that the lack of licensing professionals has caused most of the burnout in health care workers in the country. Many doctors and nurses have to work overnight or extra shifts to take care of their patients, but it is still not right for them to treat or operate on someone while exhausted. That is why a patient who gets hurt or misdiagnosed by a doctor can hold them liable in court.

Doing justice

You have the right to receive appropriate care and treatment from the doctor of your choice. If your doctor makes a mistake in the operating room or with your treatment, you can ask them for compensation in court. That way, you’d be able to receive payment for what they caused.