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Medication errors can cause serious harm to patients

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

When a Delaware patient is prescribed medication by a doctor or is given medication directly while in the hospital, that patient rightfully assumes that the specific prescription and dosage is correct. Unfortunately, medication errors do happen, and they can result in significant harm to the patient. Doctors, hospitals, health care facilities and any type of care provider should work diligently in order to avoid these types of adverse events whenever possible.

The potential harm

A medication error represents the possibility of various types of adverse medical events. The wrong prescription or the wrong dosage can lead to significant harm, as can interaction between a new prescription with one a patient is already taking. These mistakes can lead to disability, life-threatening health complications, birth defects, continued hospitalization or even death.

Avoiding these mistakes requires caution and diligence from multiple parties. In pharmacies, color-coded or differentiated labels can make it easier to tell medications apart. Doctors must be clear in their instructions to patients, being especially cautious to ensure the drug recommendation and dosage is accurate.

Suffering from a medication problem

If a Delaware patient is suffering because of medication errors, that individual may have grounds to pursue recompense through a civil claim. The civil justice system provides victims of any type of medical malpractice to seek financial recovery. After an event that may be the result of negligent care or a medical mistake, it may help to seek an evaluation of the case and discuss possible options with an experienced personal injury attorney.