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Medical malpractice concerns in cardiology

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Heart health is important for living a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, the cardiologists who are responsible for caring for Delaware patients’ heart health are not always as attentive as they should be. According to recent data, nearly 60% of all practicing cardiologists in America have been named in at least one medical malpractice lawsuit.

Cardiologists are putting patients at risk

Data collected through the 2021 Medscape Malpractice Report found that 58% of cardiologists have been involved in malpractice claims. Of those surveyed for the report, 54% said they were very surprised to learn of the lawsuit, indicating that many physicians might be unaware when they are acting negligently. The most common reasons cited in medical malpractices in descending order were:

  • Delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose
  • Surgical or treatment complications
  • Pour outcomes
  • Delayed treatment or failure to treat
  • Wrongful death

Cardiologists are not the only ones putting their patients at risk for poor health outcomes. According to the Medscape Malpractice Report, cardiologists ranked tenth in terms of specialists most likely to be included in medical malpractice claims. Plastic surgeons, surgeons, orthopedic specialists and urologists all face high rates of medical malpractice accusations as well.

Going to the doctor for health problems can be a stressful situation. When a doctor or specialist does not adequately listen to a patient’s symptoms, evaluate his or her test results or follow through with proper treatment, poor health outcomes may be unavoidable. In Delaware, victims who have dealt with these types of situations may choose to pursue compensation via medical malpractice claims. Successfully navigating a claim can help victims properly address their damages.