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More data on car accidents should be available soon

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Car Accidents

In Delaware, traffic collisions happen every day, but there are specific intersections and areas where they are more likely to occur. It has been quite difficult to get accurate data regarding car accidents at certain sites throughout the state, but that could change soon. A recently passed bill could make it easier for the public to access crash data and information that could help drivers plan safer commutes.

What the public has a right to know

Information about where crashes are more likely to occur is important. If there are some places that are more dangerous for pedestrians, bikers and motorists, the public should be aware of the potential risks they are facing. Having the ability to access this type of information could allow people to avoid certain areas, plan routes with a lower risk of a crash and feel safer during their commutes.

Empowering local residents may be especially important as certain areas in the state continue to see growth. More residents and commuters will naturally mean more traffic and higher chances of an accident. Because of this new bill, the state will release some data publicly through press releases, state websites and publications.

Support for accident victims

Public access to certain information could be useful as drivers may want to plan safer routes and avoid dangerous intersections. If a driver is involved in an accident at one of these areas of concern, it is possible he or she has grounds for a civil claim. An assessment of the individual case by an experienced personal injury attorney will provide a victim with an understanding of his or her legal options.