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Taking steps to safely navigate through dangerous intersections

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2021 | Car Accidents

While traveling to and from each of your daily destinations, there is a chance you might pass through numerous intersections along Delaware roads. While traffic lights and signs may dictate traffic patterns in these areas, such safety features might not always be enough to stave off a crash in every scenario. 

As studies suggest that nearly half of all car accidents occur in intersections, it might not be difficult to see the danger these areas might pose to your well-being. Seeking out ways to mitigate safety hazards could prove integral to helping you prepare to safety navigate through the intersections in your path. 

Intersection safety 

Hazards such as distracted driving and failure to yield are just a couple of the dangers that could await you at an intersection. Some steps to take that could help reduce your odds of being involved in an unfortunate scenario could include: 

  • Approach with caution:  While it may still be legal to pass through an intersection after the light turns yellow, attempting to rush through might not always be the best option, and such a decision could limit your ability to react to various situations. 
  • Remain vigilant:  Maintaining constant awareness of your surroundings could also help stave off various concerns and help improve your ability to react to issues such as unexpected lane changes or turns. 
  • Proper spacing:  Tailgating continues to be a common cause of accidents at intersections and practicing proper spacing could prove integral to mitigating common intersection hazards. 
  • Make intentions clear:  While taking steps to make your intentions clear such as using turn signals may also prove essential, activating a signal right before attempting to change lanes or too far in advance may only promote confusion. 

Even if you have the right of way at an intersection, proceeding with caution could prove integral to preparing to react to various scenarios, especially if another driver fails to take such measures.  

Hotspot for accidents 

Although practicing caution at intersections could help promote a safer driving experience, these areas remain a constant hotspot for serious collisions. Should the negligent decisions of another driver leave you with little to no time to escape the path of danger, the outcome of the ensuing incident could wreak havoc on your life. As such, it could be in your best interests not only to seek insight on safety tips for intersection navigation but also of your available options should the unthinkable occur.