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Night drivers increase your risk for injury

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Car Accidents

When you’re driving through Delaware or any other state, you’re obligated to be alert at the wheel and exercise caution in accordance with traffic laws and safety regulations. People who travel at night may have an increased risk of collision and personal injury. There are several reasons for this.

You might feel wide awake and able to drive after dark. However, there’s no way of knowing if you’re sharing the road with someone who is nodding off at the wheel. Other issues, such as vision impairment, may also increase the chances of another driver causing a crash that causes you injury.

Many night drivers are sleepy at the wheel

After a long day’s work or having been out all night with friends, a driver might feel fatiguedas he or she travels to a particular destination. Surprisingly, data from a poll showed that more than 100 million survey respondents said they have fallen asleep while driving, many of whom wound up causing collisions.

You might notice signs of erratic driving, such as a car weaving in its lane or not traveling up to speed with current traffic patterns. This might mean that the driver of the vehicle in question is sleepy or cannot see the roadway well enough to drive at 55 miles per hour or more.

Age also affects your ability to see and to stay awake at night

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you might not have any trouble driving in the dark, especially when oncoming headlights are glaring in your direction. Other issues, such as wet roads that are glistening in beams of light or lack of street lighting, can make it especially challenging for older people to see in the dark while driving.

If a driver has not cleaned his or her windshield or is not looking away from the glare of oncoming lights, his or her vision may be significantly impaired. Someone who has not gotten an adequate amount of sleep is better off not driving at all than trying to stay awake while feeling groggy at the wheel. It doesn’t have to be late at night for an older person to start feeling tired.

Driver negligence at night is a common cause of collision

Perhaps you decided to travel at night because you expected there to be less traffic on Delaware roads at that time. While this is often the case, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t run into trouble on the road, especially if there’s a fatigued driver nearby or someone who can’t see well at night.

Suffering injuries as a result of a motor vehicle collision can have far-reaching consequences, including injuries that take long to heal and financial distress caused by medical bills and other expenses associated with the crash. Many accident victims seek financial recovery by filing legal claims against those deemed responsible for damages.