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Mitigating potential hazards with pedestrian safety procedures

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Personal Injury

There could be a multitude of potential benefits to choosing to most of your traveling via the sidewalk instead of the alternatives. As a pedestrian, you might not need to worry about finding a parking space or getting stuck in a traffic jam, and such a decision could also carry certain health benefits as well. 

In addition to the added bonuses involved, it could also be in your best interests to address the possible hazards of walking near traffic. Seeking insight on certain safety tips that could help reduce your chances of being involved in a potentially dangerous incident could be vital, as pedestrian accidents can have disastrous repercussions. 

Promoting safety  

Gaining an understanding of pedestrian safety procedures could help you understand some of the hazards you might encounter and better prepare to stay safe while walking in traffic. Some common safety procedures for pedestrians could include: 

  • Dress to be seen:  Improving visibility is an integral component of pedestrian safety and wearing bright clothing and sticking to well-lit areas could help you achieve such a goal. 
  • Entrances and exits:   It could also be helpful to exercise caution when walking in areas with entrances and exits to parking lots or homes, as vehicles may move in and out of these areas frequently. 
  • Never assume:  Before attempting to cross at an intersection or parking lot entrance, making eye contact with nearby drivers to ensure they see you is likely more favorable than merely assuming they will yield the right of way. 
  • Attention is key:  As distraction continues to play a contributing factor in many collisions, staying focused on the task at hand could prove essential to promoting a safe walking experience.  
  • Addressing impairment:  The presence of impairment could have a significant impact on your mobility and reaction times and, as such, walking near traffic while under the influence could prove dangerous. 

It could also be helpful to try and avoid walking near obstacles that obscure your vision when possible, as remaining visible could prove an essential component of pedestrian safety.  

Pedestrian accidents 

Although adhering to safety tips may help reduce your odds of being involved in a pedestrian-related collision, preventing all accidents could prove nearly impossible. After all, you might not always be able to rely on nearby drivers to take the same approach to safety as you. Should an accident take place, leaving you with serious injuries in the process, you might be left wondering about your available options and how best to respond to the situation.