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Why do medical errors go unreported?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Whether a patient is undergoing a serious surgery, receiving routine care or seeking a diagnosis, he or she deserves the best possible treatment. This does not always happen as it should in medical settings. Medical errors are unfortunately not that uncommon, but what might be even more surprising is that many victims choose not to make a report when things go wrong. 

Are patients scared to speak up? 

Delaware residents are all unique, but they may share some common concerns when it comes to health care. For example, one of the reasons that victims of medical errors do not make reports is because they are worried that they will simply be viewed as complainers or troublemakers. Other reasons people avoid reporting errors include: 

  • Wanting to focus on the future instead of the past 
  • Thinking that reporting will not make a difference 
  • Uncertainty regarding who was actually responsible 

Medical providers are also hesitant to speak up when they make mistakes, too. Health care workers tend to report fearing backlash and punitive consequences, so instead, they keep quiet about harmful actions. Experts who are spearheading research regarding misdiagnoses and other medical errors point out that it is important to create open, welcoming environments in which both patients and providers feel confident when it comes to reporting errors. 

There are many types of medical errors, ranging from missed diagnoses to surgical errors. These errors can go on to affect victims for a lifetime, impacting everything from their finances to their physical and emotional health. While it is impossible to undo this harm, some victims in Delaware choose to address these damages by pursuing compensation via medical malpractice lawsuits.