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Regarding distraction, hands-free devices might not be the answer

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving continues to play a significant role in many motor vehicle accidents and finding ways to cut down on such behavior could prove vital to stemming the tide of similar incidents. While you may feel that certain types of technology might help achieve this goal, these might not always be as safe as intended. 

While out navigating Delaware roads, it might seem relatively safe to carry on a phone conversation or send out a text using a hands-free device. However, studies indicate that using such devices can still be dangerous, and knowing the risks involved with hands-free devices could be integral to mitigating safety risks. 

Hands-free hazards 

While hands-free devices may help limit your exposure to visual or manual distractions, there may be other areas in which safety remains a concern. Some of the possible hazards of using a hands-free device could include: 

  • Divide of attention:  Even if you do not have to look toward or reach for your phone when using a hands-free device, talking or sending a text inherently causes a divide of your attention, which can still be dangerous. 
  • Response times:  Any action that disrupts your focus may also lower your ability to respond to certain scenarios, and even a moment of inaction could prove exceedingly dangerous. 
  • Information processing:  Hands-free devices still force you to multitask, and studies also suggest that the human brain is not truly capable of safely carrying out more than one task at a time. 
  • Safer does not mean safe:  While hands-free devices may technically be safer than the alternative, this does not mean that they remove the threat of distraction entirely. 

Even if you choose not to take part in such activity while driving, should the negligent actions of another driver nearby leave you facing a dangerous scenario, there may be little you can do to escape to safety. 

Consequences of a crash 

A major collision involving a distracted driver runs the unfortunate chances of leaving you with severe injuries and facing a long road to recovery. Such an experience could impact various areas of your life, potentially causing you to experience a loss of wages and disrupting your ability to perform everyday tasks. While there might be little you can do to change what took place, there may be options to help you prepare to seek the restitution you deserve and help shift your focus toward your recovery.