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Consumers warned about treadmill risks after child dies

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Personal Injury

Consumers in Delaware and across the country who own Tread+ treadmills were urged by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to stop using them immediately. Reportedly, this warning followed more than 40 reports about incidents in which children and even a pet were pulled into the rear rollers of the treadmills. Injuries included lacerations, fractures and more. However, Peloton Interactive Inc., the manufacturer of the treadmills, accused safety authorities of issuing misleading and inaccurate warnings. 

One reported fatality 

The danger became more urgent after the report of a child who died after such an incident. The regulator said children and pets could be pulled, entrapped and pinned under the treadmills’ rear roller. At least one reported incident involved a young child being pulled in while the parent was using the treadmill. Other reports indicate that several objects, including exercise balls, have landed in the rollers of Peloton treadmills. 

More people exercising at home 

Reportedly, Peloton Interactive Inc. recorded more than double their previous sales of treadmills and other exercise equipment since more people started to work out at home instead of gyms to avoid health risks. The Consumer Product Safety Commission advised that people who want to continue using the treadmills despite the risks should do the following: 

  • Ensure the door to the exercise room is locked at all times, even while using the treadmill. 
  • Never allow children to be present while adults use the treadmill. 
  • Unplug the machine after use, remove the key and store it in a secret place. 
  • Keep objects and exercise balls away from the treadmill. 

Legal options 

Victims of injuries caused by consumer products might have grounds to file product liability claims. The Delaware civil justice system is the platform for seeking financial relief after personal injury or wrongful death caused by defective or dangerous products.