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Brain injuries cause cognitive impairment in car accident victims

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Car Accidents

Car accident survivors and their loved ones in Delaware often have to deal with the consequences of head trauma. Cognitive difficulties could make life complicated, and victims and their caregivers need a lot of patience. A person with cognitive impairment has problems understanding messages and acquiring knowledge.

Traumatic brain injuries could reduce a victim’s overall intelligence. Along with neurological deficits, they typically struggle to plan, organize and assemble thoughts and ideas. Their reasoning, judgment, problem-solving and decision-making are some of the difficulties with which to cope. Impatience and controlling desires and impulses form part of cognitive impairment.

Concentration problems

TBI could make it impossible for survivors to focus on more than one thing at a time. For example, having or following a conversation while they eat would be a challenge. They are typically restless and have problems sitting down for extended periods and also listening to long discussions.

Processing information

Car accident victims with brain injuries might struggle to understand what another person says. This type of impairment also affects the person’s ability to drive a vehicle and process warning signs or changing traffic lights. It also turns everyday activities like cooking and dressing into complex tasks.

Verbal expression

Cognitive impairment causes problems with choosing the right words when talking or writing and organizing thoughts before expressing them. What they say and their facial expressions may not match, and the tone and pitch of their voices could change unexpectedly.

While their own body language is uncontrolled, they usually also have problems reading body language, feelings and emotions of others. Therefore, they cannot have meaningful social lives.

Although cognitive recovery is possible over time, the cost of long-term therapy is high. A person with cognitive impairment will be unable to return to work, exacerbating the financial challenges. If another party’s negligence caused the car accident that caused the brain trauma, the victim might have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in a Delaware civil court.