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Defensive driving best weapon against car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Personal Injury

Drivers in Delaware and elsewhere are frequently reminded that defensive driving is the most effective way to stay safe on the highways. But what exactly is defensive driving, and how can it prevent car accidents? It involves drivers anticipating potential problems and then responding before accidents happen.

Avoiding accidents is a whole lot more than following the law. Even if a driver makes no mistakes and complies with all the rules, there will always be the risk of being a victim of another driver’s error. That is where defensive driving comes in.

Being ready to take evasive action and promptly adjusting one’s driving can be the best chance of escaping potentially catastrophic injuries in preventable car accidents.

Defensive driving rules

The goal is to be ready and calm enough to respond and react immediately. Getting behind the wheel with the following rules in mind can save lives:

  • Respect other drivers: Give other drivers enough space for them to feel safe.
  • Be alert: Paying attention to the actions of other drivers will avoid potential danger.
  • Remain aware: Stay alert throughout the trip for possible dangerous situations.
  • Scan the road: Avoid any distractions that could take the attention off the road.
  • Following distance: Leave enough space to allow evasive action in emergencies.
  • Watch driving conditions: Detect changes in the road, weather and driving conditions.

Defensive drivers in Delaware will limit crash risks. However, even they could be victims of car accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers. When this happens, financial and emotional damages might be recoverable by filing personal injury lawsuits.