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Covering some facts surrounding pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Personal Injury

While there may be a multitude of possible benefits to walking as a primary means of travel, there may also be some inherent risks involved. As a pedestrian, you may have little to shield you from harm, and you might also find it difficult to escape to safety should a motor vehicle suddenly veer your way. 

Despite ongoing efforts to increase safety, pedestrian-related accidents continue to be a major concern. A look at some facts surrounding these incidents may help you and others like you understand how dangerous similar incidents can be and why it is so important to take steps to improve your safety as a pedestrian. 

Recent studies 

A recent study on pedestrian accidents over a 10-year period yielded some interesting and possibly disconcerting results. Some statistics surrounding such incidents include the following:  

  • Rising fatalities:  Results from a recent study show that the number of pedestrian fatalities increases almost every year, with an increase of nearly 30% altogether over the 10-year of the study. 
  • Dangerous hours:  As this study also indicate that a significant portion of pedestrian crashes occur at night, finding ways to increase visibility and sticking to areas with adequate lighting may be imperative. 
  • Numbers by state:  The study also indicates that there are nine states that carry the highest pedestrian fatality rates, one of which being Delaware. 
  • Inattention as a factor:  Results continue to highlight the role of inattention as a contributing factor in many pedestrian accidents. While distracted driving may seem an obvious concern, distracted walking could be just as dangerous. 
  • Safety by sound:  This study also suggests that pedestrians who wear headsets or earbuds may be at greater risk of being involved in a collision, as these instruments could prevent you from hearing the sounds or alerts of an impending threat. 

Although awareness of the risks you might encounter as a pedestrian can be helpful, an accident can occur at any moment and such an incident could pose a significant threat to your well-being. 

The aftermath 

Pedestrian-related collisions continue to occur at an alarming rate, and the aftermath of each crash could forever alter the lives of those involved. It is no secret that such an incident could leave you with severe or permanent injuries, or it could even leave you mourning over the unexpected loss of someone close. Suffering harm or sudden loss under similar circumstances can be exceedingly difficult to accept, especially if it comes as a result of another person’s negligent behavior.