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4 primary causes of traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Brain Injuries

Some injuries are catastrophic and have life-changing consequences. They affect both the victim’s physical and mental health, not to mention financial stability. Traumatic brain injuries fall in that category, and although they are preventable, they continue to happen nationwide, including in Delaware. The negligence of others often causes TBI.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says various causes for traumatic brain injuries exist, but there are four primary causes.  

Fall accidents 

Slips or trips sometimes cause falls. However, falls from higher levels can also cause TBI — even if a person falls from a chair used to stand on to reach an object placed too high. Reportedly, almost 30% of all TBIs result from striking the head in a fall. Children up to 4 years and seniors older than 75 are most vulnerable. 

Vehicle accidents 

One in five traumatic brain injuries is road accident-related. Teenagers between 15 and 19 years are most likely to be hospitalized with TBIs, followed by motorcycle riders and drivers of cars. Statistics indicate that bikers who wore helmets were more likely to suffer head trauma without any penetrating injuries — which are often fatal. 

Struckby or against accidents 

Almost 20% of TBIs are caused by incidents in which the head is struck against something or by an object. A significant percentage of these accidents are recreation or sports-related. They often cause mild traumatic brain injuries that need no emergency care or hospitalization. 


This category makes up about 11% of all traumatic brain injuries. Firearms are often involved, and in some cases, the injuries are linked to intentional suicide. 

TBI victims in Delaware might have grounds to file personal injury lawsuits. For the successful navigation of such a claim in the civil court, the plaintiff, or surviving family members of deceased victims, must show proof that the defendant’s negligence caused the traumatic brain injuries.