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Traumatic brain injuries can cause communication problems

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2021 | Brain Injuries

Life after a serious car accident often looks very different than before. Both emotional and physical trauma can make it difficult for victims to fully move forward. Those who suffer traumatic brain injuries may face an even greater hurdle to recovery, with many in Delaware suffering permanent, lifelong symptoms.

Communication and language can be a significant hurdle for victims suffering from TBIs. This is often the result of damage that occurs in the brain’s language center, which may lead to a serious condition affecting one’s language center called aphasia. Common challenges include:

  • Not speaking clearly
  • Struggling to find the right word
  • Difficulty with instructions
  • Difficulty with reading and writing

There are also challenges when it comes to social communication skills, such as eye contact and facial expressions. For example, someone with a TBI might not react to hearing a joke. He or she may also speak in just one tone of voice or overshare during conversations.

Cognitive difficulties can make it difficult for a TBI victim to remember new facts or to focus on just one task until it is completed. It can also be difficult to make judgment calls or organize one’s thoughts clearly. Victims often struggle to acknowledge that their injuries require significant lifestyle adjustments.

For victims of traumatic brain injuries, recovery can be a long, hard road. Many require extra therapy with professionals like speech language pathologists. These treatments come with medical bills though, which is why some injury victims in Delaware choose to seek compensation with a personal injury lawsuit.