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Dog bites could have medical, financial and legal ramifications

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

Successful recovery of damages after a dog attack depends on the steps taken immediately after the incident. Delaware has strict liability laws, making the defendant liable unless the person was trespassing or abusing the dog, or committing a tort that caused injury or harm to another. Dog bites can have severe legal and health consequences.

Information exchange

Similar to information exchanged after a car accident, getting the following information is crucial:

  • Exchange the names and addresses of the owner or caretaker of the dog.
  • Get their contact details.
  • Verify the vaccination history of the dog.
  • If there were witnesses to the attack, record their names and contact details.
  • Eyewitness accounts could be crucial for insurance claims and lawsuits.

Medical care

  • Immediate medical care is vital if the dog bites caused puncture wounds or other serious injuries.
  • If the dog is unvaccinated, infections could develop.
  • If possible, take pictures of the wounds before medical treatment to show the harm caused.

Animal control

  • File a report with the animal control agency to prevent subsequent dog attacks.
  • The agency’s investigation might be helpful in any legal action taken after the attack.

Additional documentation

  • Write down as many details as possible of the attack.
  • Include the circumstances that might have led to it.
  • Keep a detailed record of medical treatment.
  • Include pain, loss of mobility and ability to perform specific actions or functions in the written journal.

Managing these steps in as much detail as possible might be valuable in subsequent legal action. Dog attack victims can pursue financial relief. They can file personal injury lawsuits in a Delaware civil court.