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Untreated infections could pose a serious threat to your health

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

If circumstances in life leave you facing a need to seek medical attention, you may expect to receive a certain quality of care during your visit. Part of obtaining the necessary care could involve acquiring a swift and accurate diagnosis as this step could be essential to initiating the proper path of care.

As any delays in the treatment of a medical condition could cause various complications to arise, the possibility of a misdiagnosis can be a scary thought. With the presence of an infection, the timing of your diagnosis and treatment could be vital, as untreated infections could spread rapidly if left unattended.

Possible signs of an infection

Complications of an untreated infection could leave you facing severe or even life-threatening repercussions. Some of the possible signs that you might be suffering from an infection could include:

  • Temperature changes: Sudden changes in body temperature such as fevers or chills are common signs of the possible presence of an infection and such conditions may only continue to deteriorate if left unattended.
  • Presence of swelling: An infection can also cause swelling to occur in the extremities or abdomen, and it may be in your best interests to seek additional medical care should you begin to experience similar issues.
  • Cognitive concerns: Studies also indicate that untreated infections can cause various cognitive issues such as bouts with confusion or loss of consciousness.
  • Irregularities: Infections also run the risk of causing you to experience irregularities in your heart rate, or even issues with breathing or bouts with fatigue.
  • Issues with urination:  Untreated infections could also cause you to begin to have trouble urinating or become unable to perform this function altogether.

Even if you understand some of the signs of an infection, determining the possible presence of such a condition can still be a difficult feat. While you may rely on medical professionals to uncover such dangers to your health, things might not always turn out as planned.

Knowing your options

Untreated infections can spread throughout your entire body and run the risk of creating a variety of serious health concerns. Should Delaware medical professionals fail to diagnose and treat an infection, there is a chance you could suffer life-altering harm in the process.  Following a similar experience, you could choose to seek insight on the next steps to take to pursue accountability through a medical malpractice claim against all parties deemed responsible.