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Medical Malpractice — victim’s family awarded $5.5 million

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Patients all across Maryland rely on organ, blood and other donations for their lives. However, the lives of the men and women making these donations are just as important and should also be protected. This was not the case for one donor. After his death following a bone marrow donation, one man’s family successfully brought a medical malpractice claim against multiple health professionals.

In Feb. 2019, the 44-year-old school principal underwent a procedure to donate bone marrow to an unknown teenager in another country. His oxygen levels plunged while under anesthesia. According to the lawsuit brought by his surviving fiance and other family members, the anesthesiologist did not promptly administer oxygen to the patient. The lawsuit also claims that he should have never been allowed to go under anesthesia that day.

The man never woke from the procedure. He left behind a fiance and child, as well as two elderly parents. Since he was not married at the time of his death, the resulting $5.5 million was only made available to his surviving child and parents.

While securing compensation is an essential aspect of pursuing a medical malpractice claim, it is far from the only component. Many families feel as though they achieved a sense of justice as well. Navigating a medical malpractice suit alone can be difficult though, especially when facing the emotional trauma of unexpectedly losing a loved one. Because of this, some Maryland families prefer to speak with a knowledgeable attorney before moving forward with the process.