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Personal injury: Private pool owners can be liable

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Personal Injury

Owners of private pools in Delaware could be liable for injuries even if the injured person is an uninvited guest. Any personal injury, including drowning, could end up in court, where the questions of negligence and liability will likely be addressed. Pool owners must take all the necessary steps to prevent injuries and drownings, whether there are present or not.

Owners of private swimming pools must take note of the potential for attractive nuisance. A swimming pool can be irresistible for neighborhood children on hot summer days. Posting a warning about trespassing may not be enough, especially for small children who cannot read the notification. Even if there is a fence, if children can climb over or through it, the owner might be deemed negligent.

Gatherings with guests around the pool can be fun, but the supervision of children is essential. When children run on the wet paving around the pool, slip-and-fall injuries could turn out to be catastrophic if the victim’s head slams into concrete or another hard object. Alcohol consumption in the pool area must be monitored. The property owner also has a duty to prevent harm to invited and uninvited guests who might sneak onto the property when the owner is not there.

Anyone who suffers injuries in or around the pool on the property of another person in Delaware might have questions about the property owner’s responsibilities. An experienced personal injury attorney in Wilmington can assess the viability of filing a civil lawsuit against the swimming pool owner. If negligence can be established, legal counsel can advocate for the plaintiff to pursue a monetary judgment for documented financial and other damages.