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Mother files lawsuit over son’s birth injury

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Birth Injuries

The months leading up to a child’s birth are often filled with excitement. Minnesota parents often spend this time decorating the nursery, stocking up on diapers and getting ready to welcome their new baby. However, nothing can prepare a parent for a child to be born with a birth injury.

One woman is suing the hospital where she gave birth back in 2008, claiming that doctor negligence caused severe and irreversible brain injury. While at the hospital, her son’s heart rate fluctuated dramatically. At some points it was only 30 beats per minute, while at others it was much higher than average. Despite signs of distress and the mother’s failure to progress normally through labor, doctors failed to perform a cesarean section.

When her son was finally born he was in a flaccid and depressed state. Medical staff intubated the newborn and suctioned out his vocal chords, where they discovered he had inhaled some of his own bodily waste. He had also suffered significant oxygen deprivation.

The suit claims that had doctors performed a timely C-section, her son would not have to endure a lifetime of pain, emotional anguish, embarrassment, humiliation and fear. Unfortunately, some parents in Minnesota are all too familiar with what can happen if a C-section is not performed in time. Raising a child with a birth injury can be emotionally and financially draining, too. This is why some parents may want to consider the benefits of successfully pursuing a medical malpractice claim, including securing compensation for things like medical bills.