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Knowing the most common hazards all motorcycle riders could face

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | Personal Injury

Prior to heading out on Delaware roads, many avid motorcycle riders may consider it vital to take every precaution to prepare to stay safe on their journeys. Part of this process could include inspecting your bike to ensure it is in proper working condition and equipping yourself with all the necessary safety gear.

As you will likely share the open road with countless others, there may also be other factors to address before you head out for a ride. Understanding some of the most prevalent risks you may face as you ride in traffic might help you better prepare to handle a variety of potentially hazardous scenarios.

Motorcycle accident risks

Knowing the most common causes of motorcycle crashes and how to approach each scenario in turn could help reduce the odds of a collision. Some examples of the hazards you could encounter on your bike may include:

  • Unexpected turns: Left-turn crashes continue to be a major issue for riders, and drivers who fail to spot your bike or judge speed may be more inclined to make unexpected turns and move directly in your path.
  • Sudden lane changes: Being cautious of riding in another driver’s blind spot could also be imperative, as a sudden and unexpected lane change on the part of a driver could create a dangerous scenario for a rider.
  • Rear-end crash: For motorcycle riders, rear-end accidents that might otherwise cause little more than minor damage to a vehicle can have cataclysmic results, and knowing how to reduce the odds of such an incident could play an integral role in staying safe.
  • Street-side parking: In areas with street-side parking, it may also be in your best interests to watch out for car doors, as the sudden opening of a car door could pose a significant threat to your safety.

As visibility is also a major concern for motorcycle riders, equipping yourself with bright-colored clothing and checking your bike’s lights and indicators could help increase the likelihood that nearby drivers will be aware of your presence.

Actions of others

Part of reducing the chances of a motorcycle accident may start with how you prepare for the journey. However, while out on the open road, at least a portion of your safety lies in the hands of others. Should the actions of another driver create a potentially dangerous situation, you could find it difficult, if not impossible, to react in time to steer out of harm’s way.