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Can a fall cause a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Brain Injuries

An unexpected fall might be funny in a movie or on a TV show, but it is far more serious in real life. Traumatic brain injuries — TBIs — associated with slip-and-fall accidents can permanently alter a person’s life. In fact, TBIs are one of the most dangerous injuries a fall victim can suffer.

The victim of a TBI might experience a range of symptoms, including confusion, reduced mental capacity, nausea, dizziness and more. Some of these symptoms might be temporary, while others can last a lifetime. But even seemingly mild and temporary brain injuries can still cause severe physical, emotional and financial trauma. In Delaware, identifying the conditions that contributed to a victim’s accident can be essential when trying to secure compensation.

For example, a floor or sidewalk might have been covered with oil. Uneven surfaces, spills, icy patches, inadequate lighting and uncovered power cords are also common examples of dangerous conditions. Simply identifying a dangerous condition is not enough to successfully navigate a personal injury claim, though.

A victim must also demonstrate that the property owner was responsible for the accident. Liability is usually established in one of three ways, the first being showing that the property owner actually caused the dangerous conditions. If he or she didn’t but failed to correct the problem, this is also cause for liability. Not realizing that a dangerous condition existed in the first place is also inexcusable if the owner should have reasonably known about it.


Traumatic brain injury victims may experience a different range and severity of symptoms, but they often face many of the same struggles. This includes things like medical bills and lost wages after taking off work to recover. Some victims in Delaware never return to the workplace, either. Successfully navigating a personal injury claim can often be key for these victims, as doing so generally secures compensation for these and other damages.