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Medical malpractice: Birth injuries may have delayed symptoms

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

The last thing parents in Delaware or anywhere else want to consider is their infant suffering birth injuries. Most parents acknowledge the possibility of something going wrong in the back of their minds, even if they do not mention it. Birth injuries are not always immediately apparent. By the time some become apparent, the pursuit of monetary damage recovery in a medical malpractice lawsuit may be impacted by the statute of limitations.

Birth injuries that leave the infant bruised and with fractured bones are not uncommon. However, the medical team’s negligence could cause concealed injuries, such as brief periods of oxygen starvation, and brain or spinal cord damage. In many such cases, parents become aware of the damage caused by birth injuries when their child does not develop as expected.

Symptoms of birth injuries could be delayed for weeks, months or even years. Parents may not know the red flags for which to look out, and frequent medical examinations by a pediatrician would provide vital medical records. Details of all medical reviews and treatment will prove to be essential if birth injuries ultimately lead to a lawsuit against the medical team that handled the child’s birth.

Parents in Delaware who have to deal with the financial and emotional trauma that follows birth injuries may benefit by seeking legal counsel. Doing this as soon as possible may allow them to pursue financial relief by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. An attorney with experience fighting for the rights of children who were injured at birth can be a valuable asset. A medical malpractice lawyer can examine the medical records and other evidence before suggesting the most appropriate legal steps to take in pursuit of a monetary judgment.