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Car accidents: Look out for drivers showing bad driving habits

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

Many dangerous drivers can be spotted in Delaware and elsewhere by looking out for bad driving habits. Car accidents happen in the blink of an eye, and being alert might help to avoid collisions. One of the telltale signs of drivers with bad habits is a driver pulling out of an illegal parking space. Negligent drivers will not think twice before parking in a handicap zone, red zone or a no-parking zone.

Drivers who disregard traffic signs and run yellow or red lights have little consideration for the safety of others. Improper merging and the failure to check blind spots are bad habits that could cause accidents. Inconsiderate drivers typically fail to use indicators before changing lanes, a habit that can also put pedestrians at risk when they cross at intersections.

Impatience could be deadly, and the red flags are speeding, tailgating and cutting other cars off while weaving between lanes and squeezing into spaces far too small for their vehicles. However, one of the most dangerous habits involves the use of smartphones while driving. Reportedly, this is one of the most frequently cited causes for road accidents.

Drivers and vehicle occupants in Delaware who fall victim to the negligence of drivers with bad habits will be entitled to pursue claims for financial relief. However, some of these unsafe driving habits are not easy to prove. Civil lawsuits are based on negligence, and the support and guidance of an personal injury attorney experienced in handling claims arising from car accidents is crucial, not only to establish negligence but also to present the case and file the documented claims. A successful presentation might result in a monetary judgment to cover financial and other damages.