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Teens are at higher risk of car accidents in warm weather

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Car Accidents

Across the U.S., teen drivers are prone to making mistakes behind the wheel. This stems from their lack of experience, absence of judgment, propensity to misunderstand the dangers of driving, and acting as if they are invulnerable. Unfortunately, many learn the hard way that risky behaviors when driving can cause car accidents. There are certain times of year in which teens have more of a chance of being in a collision.

The warmer months – especially in June right after the school year ends – are statistically the worst possible time for teen drivers and those who share the road with them. When there is an auto accident, it is important for those impacted to know the details including who the other driver was and what they were doing at the time of the accident. According to AAA, the start of summer driving season is in June. The subsequent 100 days are referred to as the “100 Deadliest Days.”

Troubling statistics

Delaware State Police statistics show that teenage drivers made up 13% of all fatal crashes in the state. Distracted driving was the top cause of crashes in its 2018 report, with over 6,600 of recorded crashes attributed to distraction, inattention, or fatigue. Research shows that teenage drivers who have a passenger increase the likelihood of a fatal crash by 51%, leading experts to conclude that summer break presents numerous elevated crash risks.

The sobering statistics continue: teens age 16 to 17 have triple the chance of a fatal accident for every mile they drive when compared to adult drivers. Factors in these teen accidents included speeding, driving recklessly, not staying in the proper lane and not yielding based on the law.

Parents are encouraged to emphasize safe driving practices. Still, accidents are often unavoidable, and they can leave all who are involved seriously injured or worse. An experienced attorney with knowledge of the serious statistics related to teen drivers can advocate on your behalf if you’ve been involved in such an accident.