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Brain injuries: Bone marrow donation leads to man’s death

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2019 | Brain Injuries

Skilled surgeons and physicians across the country save thousands of lives every year. Unfortunately, there are also thousands of lives that are lost every year before, during and after medical procedures. Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences any Delaware citizen can face. When a loved one is lost as a result of negligence, the experience can be absolutely traumatic. In another state, a lawsuit was filed after alleged negligence caused a man to suffer severe brain injuries that eventually led to his death.

The lawsuit asserts that the man underwent a procedure to donate bone marrow. According to claims, the man was overweight and suffered from sleep apnea. These two factors made it very risky for the man to undergo anesthesia, the lawsuit claimed. However, as anesthesia was administered during his procedure, the man’s oxygen levels allegedly dropped significantly.

Despite this, the lawsuit said providers continued to administer anesthesia without giving the man oxygen. Allegedly, the lack of oxygen led to the man suffering severe and permanent injuries to his brain. Reportedly, the man went into a coma and later died. The lawsuit accuses the defendants of negligence over claims that providers failed to properly monitor the man during the procedure.

Every year, thousands of people across the country suffer brain injuries due to negligence. Negligent doctors and other medical workers can be held accountable for their actions. By acquiring the services of an experienced attorney, victims and families in Delaware can increase their odds of being rewarded substantial financial relief though a successfully litigated lawsuit.