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Birth injuries: Mother awarded $230 million in historic lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Birth Injuries

Unfortunately, hospitals and medical care facilities in Delaware and across the United States are commonly understaffed. Doctors and nurses in these facilities are often in a rush to see more patients. Sometimes, mothers who are giving birth can be overlooked. Childbirth is a process that requires constant focus and attention. Without proper care, birth injuries can happen.

In another state, a mother filed a lawsuit after alleged negligence during childbirth led to her daughter suffering permanent injuries. According to the lawsuit, the young mother was told by her doctors that she had preeclampsia and her dangerously high blood pressure meant that the baby could possibly die. Due to this prognosis, the mother decided to forgo a cesarean section delivery at only 25 weeks of pregnancy, the lawsuit said.

However, the baby was deprived of oxygen during the delivery, which resulted in permanent brain damage, according to claims. Reportedly, the young child now suffers from cerebral palsy and requires around-the-clock-care. A jury awarded the plaintiff $229.6 million, which reports said is the largest ever medical malpractice verdict in the United States. 

Unfortunately, this type of scenario happens more often in the United States than most people realize. Negligence can turn the wonderful occasion of childbirth into a time of tragedy and loss. Families in Delaware who have been affected birth injuries may want to consider discussions with an experienced legal representative. A successfully litigated claim could result in a substantial monetary award that families could use to recoup any financial losses that may have occurred as a result of this experience.