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Emotional trauma is just as likely to occur in car accidents

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Firm News

When it comes to car accidents in Wilmington, very few people realize how traumatic they are until faced with the aftermath. Most motorists are so concerned with how badly damaged their vehicles are that they often overlook their own personal safety and injuries. Motor vehicle accident victims who do realize they have injuries do not always seek out medical attention right away. Nor do they understand that as sudden and scary as motor vehicle collisions are, there are emotional consequences that can affect their short and long-term recovery. 

With all the confusion and stress that comes from dealing with the effects of a car accident, some seemingly normal emotional responses do not lessen and go away. Some accident victims respond more severely to the trauma of the event and go on to develop long-term emotional distress that can manifest itself physically as PTSD and other conditions. PTSD stemming from motor vehicle collisions can compromise quality of life and prolong suffering in many ways. 

Signs of PTSD that develop after a collision 

Treatment for PTSD is most effective when started soon after symptoms start. To avoid complications that prolong recovery from an accident and diminish one’s quality of life, accident victims should be aware of the following symptoms. 

  •        Isolation
  •        Poor eating and sleep habits
  •        Diminished cognitive function
  •        Inability to maintain weight
  •        Loss of interest in social activities and life
  •        Anxiety, depression and unstable moods
  •        Extreme/unusual fear of motor vehicles 

Common reactions that occur after car accidents include fear, anxiety, nervousness and shock. As recovery progresses, these feelings gradually dissipate as victims resume their pre-accident activities. Any symptoms of trauma that worsen or do not resolve within a few weeks after an incident warrant professional help. It is important for accident victims to monitor their physical and emotional health and seek out immediate medical and psychological treatment to lessen the severity of trauma on their life.