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Birth injuries can leave children with permanent injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Birth Injuries

Without a doubt, the birth of a child is a very delicate and fragile time that must be handled with extreme care. Failure to take necessary precautions or administer the appropriate treatment may cause a mother and/or child to suffer injuries that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Birth injuries are not only physically debilitating, but also psychologically and emotionally traumatizing for Delaware parents.

A mother in another state is taking legal action after her daughter was allegedly injured at birth. According to claims, the infant was forcefully delivered by Cesarean section. The mother said that she woke during sedation and noticed that doctors were pulling her infant with force, prompting her to ask them why they were tugging on her baby. She alleges that the doctors did not respond to her questions.

Allegedly, the baby was not directly given to the mother after birth, and providers mentioned that the baby’s thigh looked abnormal. After an X-ray, it was determined that the baby’s femur was broken during delivery, according to claims. The mother says that her daughter now suffers balance issues, walks with a limp and will be disabled for the rest of her life. She is filing a birth injury lawsuit.

Parents in Delaware always hope for successful deliveries and happy, healthy babies. Unfortunately, birth injuries can turn these joyful events into tragedies. Parents who have been affected by negligence during childbirth could benefit by seeking the services of a legal representative. Damages from a successful lawsuit could help families struggling with monetary losses that may have occurred due to this traumatic experience.