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5 new safety features can help prevent devastating car crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Firm News

A good economy leads to more vehicles on the road and more collisions. Given the number of injuries and deaths resulting from car crashes in our state, safety is a prime concern for Delaware motorists.

Here are five innovative safety features in demand by new car buyers.

1. The Automatic Emergency Braking system

The AEB can sense a potential crash and begin braking if the driver takes too long to react. Data collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that the AEB reduces rear-end collisions by half.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control feature

Using radar and sensors, the ACC ensures that you can maintain a safe space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Like the AEB system, it, too, can sense impending collisions and apply the brakes firmly while tightening seatbelts.

3. Safety-conscious rearview camera

The rearview camera is available on many new cars and gives the driver a 180-degree view behind the vehicle. One of the main purposes is to prevent children or animals from becoming accident victims.

4. Helpful blind spot detection

A handy safety feature, the blind spot detector uses small yellow and orange lights positioned in your door mirrors to warn you of vehicles approaching from behind.

5. Lane departure and lane keep systems

These two systems interact. The lane departure warning buzzes if you unintentionally drift out of your lane, and the lane keep system steers you back between the white lines.

Attacking the statistics

Seatbelts are among the most common safety features that can help prevent car crash injuries or fatalities, yet many drivers and passengers still do not use them. Delaware accident records show 91 car crash fatalities in 2017, and 30 of those who died were not wearing seatbelts. Use safety features that can help prevent car crash injuries or death. With so many innovations available, new car buyers can load up, be safer on the road and help keep the sobering statistics down.