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Brain injuries: Surgery for phantom tumor leaves man disabled

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Brain Injuries

The brain is one of the most important but delicate organs in the human body. The brain consciously or subconsciously controls every function in the body, and without it, life would be impossible. When treating brain injuries, doctors and surgeons in Delaware and across the country must be extremely cautious and thorough. Any mistake, no matter how small, can have disastrous and far-reaching effects on patients and their families.

A man in another state allegedly suffers mental disabilities as a result of a brain operation and his wife has filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the man was suspected of having a brain tumor. After a biopsy, doctors reportedly told the man that he needed to undergo brain surgery to remove the alleged tumor.

During the operation, the doctor unnecessarily removed tissue from the man’s brain, according to the claim. Allegedly, the man is now mentally disabled as a result of the procedure. The plaintiff claims that her husband never had a tumor and that the doctors misread his biopsy. She is suing the physician and medical practice for an unspecified amount in damages.

The human brain is the most complex organ in the body. The brain’s complexities are only exceeded by its mysteries, as scientists are still discovering how this organ works. Brain injuries can be absolutely devastating to cognitive function, as victims are often left in a disabled state and require around-the-clock care. Families of those in Delaware who have suffered brain injuries due to negligent care could benefit from discussions with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.